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I’ve been playing Ocarina of Time recently, and after all these months away from the game, I’d forgotten how much I loved Saria’s Song. No wonder Darunia feels inspired to dance when he hears it! Saria’s Song is even powerful enough to guide you through the dangerous Lost Woods. Are you ready to hear a metal cover of it? Even if you aren’t a huge fan of metal, it’s still a good listen, so hit the jump!

While looking around for some new Zelda music covers to listen to, I stumbled across this epic Majora’s Mask medley. At almost 30 minutes long, it’s probably the single longest medley I’ve ever have the pleasure of listening to, and boy did I enjoy it. Shorter medleys can’t necessarily afford to spend as long on each bit of music, however this one feels full, and definitely has become one of my favorites. It’s a half an hour of piano playing to the…

Medleys seem to be the most popular way to cover Zelda music, and I’ve often wondered why that is. I suppose it would be rather disappointing to listen to music in 30-45 seconds chunks, and considering a lot of Zelda music is designed to loop after a short period of time, single pieces that lasted 2 minutes could get boring. Either way, hit the jump to listen to a fantastic piano and violin medley!

Here on Windmill Hut, one of our favorites is Kyle Landry. His piano music, especially his medleys, is among the best Zelda music covers out there, and we’ve seen a lot of his music here already. This week we have yet another medley- his very first Zelda medley, in fact! Though this is largely composed of Ocarina of Time music, it begins with one of the most famous Zelda tunes: the overworld theme. Hit the jump to listen!

Sometimes I wish I could go back to the announcement and release of Skyward Sword. Skyward Sword was the first Zelda game release that I was present for and involved in the community for the entire time, and I have many fond memories of watching trailers and reading theories, especially finding out that the main theme was Zelda’s Lullaby backwards. Here’s a bit of a throwback to the end of 2011, when Skyward Sword was released. Hit the jump to listen!

About a year and a half ago Nintendo released two music books of official arrangements of Zelda music for guitar and piano. While many people did, and still do create their own fantastic arrangements of Zelda music, this gave people a “standard” source, and is really helpful for people that aren’t as good at playing music by ear. Soon after the books came out, Sathoshi Aikawa, by the YouTube handle GilvaSunner uploaded every single guitar cover in great quality. Hit the jump to…

Zelda Reorchestrated is one of the greatest parts of the musical Zelda fanbase, and one of my favorite Zelda tracks, Dragon Roost Island, is perfectly orchestrated by the team. For some reminder of what the original The Wind Waker theme sounds like, check out this video before reading on. Zelda Reorchestrated actually has two versions of the theme, their original orchestration and a redux, and both have their merits. So hit the jump to listen!

Recently our favorite YouTube pianist, Kyle Landry, uploaded a video of him playing some tunes on an old upright piano instead of his normal electric keyboard. Not only does this medley contain Zelda music, but also some Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon, and Mario themes! Overall it’s a very soothing medley and definitely worth a listen. Hit the jump to watch the video!

A while ago on Windmill Hut we featured some works by the Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra, which you can go check out here. But because of the absolutely enormous amount of music that he’s orchestrated from Zelda tunes, we’re back again to listen to some more Zelda orchestrations! Hopefully you’re already familiar with the Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra, or at least have heard other projects such as Zelda Reorchestrated, so hit the jump to enjoy some music!

This week on Windmill Hut we have a fantastic remix of Saria’s Song/Lost Woods Theme. Now, this remix isn’t quite as intense as some of the Overclocked Remix pieces are, but the smoothness and comforting mood make for a wonderful remix of an under-appreciated tune. In addition to reserving the original, simple tune from Ocarina of Time, this remix plays with the ocarina sound, and takes Saria’s Song in places she only wishes could have been incorporated into the game. Hit the…