Kyle Landry Old PianoRecently our favorite YouTube pianist, Kyle Landry, uploaded a video of him playing some tunes on an old upright piano instead of his normal electric keyboard. Not only does this medley contain Zelda music, but also some Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon, and Mario themes! Overall it’s a very soothing medley and definitely worth a listen.

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First he started out with the Fairy Fountain Theme and Opening Theme from Ocarina of Time, and moved on to Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon, and Super Mario World. Of all of the themes, the Super Mario World theme was definitely the most complimented by the unique sound of the upright.

Speaking of the unique sound, as you might be able to tell Kyle Landry has tuned his piano a bit sharp, 20Hz-30Hz as he said in the comments. This gives the upright that twangy, untuned sound. Though it’s not quite the same as a piano that’s naturally fallen out of tune, the effect is still there.

Of course, Kyle has a ton more piano music to listen to on his channel which you should definitely check out if you liked this.

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Source: YouTube

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