320px-Kakarikowindmill-e1365554000329111311111Sometimes I wish I could go back to the announcement and release of Skyward SwordSkyward Sword was the first Zelda game release that I was present for and involved in the community for the entire time, and I have many fond memories of watching trailers and reading theories, especially finding out that the main theme was Zelda’s Lullaby backwards.

Here’s a bit of a throwback to the end of 2011, when Skyward Sword was released. Hit the jump to listen!

The guitar and piano parts are so soothing. And even when the drums come in for a short time, overall the effect isn’t threatening. Just like the original theme, calm and gentle, even though this cover sounds so different.

I’m not a guitar expert, but the sound is almost lilting, and is such a unique sound applied to the original theme. It’s so exciting to hear music covers that bring new ideas to known themes without deviating too far from the composer’s intentions.

The YouTuber advaitnemlekar has a few covers of other kinds of music, too, so if you liked this Skyward Sword piece you can check out his other videos on his channel.

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Source: YouTube

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