320px-Kakarikowindmill-e13655540003291113111111Here on Windmill Hut, one of our favorites is Kyle Landry. His piano music, especially his medleys, is among the best Zelda music covers out there, and we’ve seen a lot of his music here already. This week we have yet another medley- his very first Zelda medley, in fact!

Though this is largely composed of Ocarina of Time music, it begins with one of the most famous Zelda tunes: the overworld theme. Hit the jump to listen!

The glissando at the beginning is really fantastic. It connects both the excitement and smoothness of the tune. Here’s the full lineup of music that went into the medley:

  1. Overworld Theme
  2. Minuet of Forest
  3. Bolero of Fire
  4. Serenade of Water
  5. Nocturne of Shadow
  6. Requiem of Spirit
  7. Zelda’s Lullaby

So it’s more like the overworld theme and ocarina music from Ocarina of Time. I’m still continually impressed with how well the different tunes in medleys can flow together. Separately the pieces are very different, but the transitions are superb.

What I really liked listening to this medley in particular was it contained the dungeon ocarina music, because I felt as if it was the story of Ocarina of Time, but in a way I’d never considered before. Each section just a taste, a reminder, of the dungeons in the major part of Ocarina of Time, and that was more special to me than just hearing a cover of a single Zelda tune.

What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube

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