Saria's Song metalI’ve been playing Ocarina of Time recently, and after all these months away from the game, I’d forgotten how much I loved Saria’s Song. No wonder Darunia feels inspired to dance when he hears it! Saria’s Song is even powerful enough to guide you through the dangerous Lost Woods.

Are you ready to hear a metal cover of it? Even if you aren’t a huge fan of metal, it’s still a good listen, so hit the jump!

The first 30 seconds starts out slow, on an acoustic guitar even. But after that he launches into probably the most intense rendition of this tune that I’ve ever heard. By the end he’s improvised on the music quite a bit, but it still maintains the flavor of Saria’s Song, just in metal form.

I loved it. It’s exciting to me to see Zelda reach so far into different styles of life and music genres.

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Source: YouTube

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