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Thoughts on Ghirahim

September 26 2014 by Mark Olson

Though it gets a lot of hate nowadays, Skyward Sword is by no means the worst that the Zelda series has to offer. Sure, the game was linear, sure, the overworld was about as interesting as your AP American Government class, and sure, the game was incredibly padded. However, there are a couple of redeeming qualities to the game. One that I find incredibly interesting is Ghirahim. Hit the jump to take a look back at him.

The announcement of a new Zelda game holds the potential to shock, surprise, underwhelm and alienate -sometimes all at once. Earlier this month, Nintendo’s E3 event injected the Zelda fandom with a healthy dose of excitement. Alongside a flood of new Hyrule Warriors details and gameplay footage, the Japanese gaming company finally revealed the newest main installment in the venerable fantasy franchise. Now, with the dust kicked up by E3 finally settled, we can fairly judge whether Zelda Wii U…

Finally, after adding digital titles unavailable on the Wii, syncing 3DS and Wii U accounts for using points to buy games and many technological changes and improvements to Nintendo’s hardware, the company has announced that it will be releasing digital versions of Nintendo 64 titles onto the Wii U eShop. Hit the jump to see more!

Leading up to E3, the latest episode of the GT Countdown over at GameTrailers lists their top 10 biggest train wrecks they remember from E3’s past, and hard as it is to admit, Zelda has not escaped the list. Skyward Sword‘s horrendous control demonstration took the number one spot. Watch the video after the jump.

When I was coming to terms with the full potential of the Tingle Bottle — I think somewhere between Dragon Roost Island and Forest Haven — I had myself a nice thought. Here’s how it came about.

Tingle Bottles are a wonderful invention that has evoked the sense of a sailing adventurer while harnessing our ability to communicate “overseas”. While breathing in the rolling waves and the spewing lava of Fire Mountain — knowing that one day I’d freeze it and access the treasure within — I decided to send out a few bottles. Some scribbles, some regular photographs, some selfies. And then I thought to myself: what would happen if I sent out Tingle Bottles asking

Zelda fans for article ideas? Here’s what I typed.

The new Zelda title to be released for Wii U is somewhat shrouded in mystery. Although very little is known if the upcoming game, it has been said to change the way we as fans see the Zelda formula. With A Link Between Worlds‘ extreme alteration of dungeon structure, it has become obvious that developers are working tirelessly to give uniqueness to each game; distinguishing features that leave lasting impressions on the player. Eiji Aonuma, director of the Zelda Wii…

With the completion of The Wind Waker HD for the Wii U console, the hype regarding a brand new and mysterious Wii U Zelda game has grown substantially. Although very little information regarding the game has been released, director Eiji Aonuma in a recent interview has posed some interesting ideas regarding the game’s overworld, inspired heavily by the production of The Wind Waker HD. Hit the jump to read what Mr. Aonuma had to say!

As one of the oldest, and arguably greatest, video game franchises around, it isn’t uncommon to see Zelda titles make lists of personal favorite games of all time. When famous game designer Peter Molyneux, the man behind the Fable series, was asked to list his top five favorite games recently, one Zelda game made the list. As you already know from reading the title of this article, that game is Twilight Princess. Hit the jump for more details.

With The Wind Waker HD right around the corner, Wii U owners are being forced to make a difficult decision: should I download the game, or buy the disc? It’s a tough one, because each version of the game has its merits and drawbacks. It’s nice to have a physical copy, but those can be easily damaged or lost. But the digital copies aren’t portable, and they take up valuable storage space! So maybe the size of this game’s download…

Console bundles are always a fantastic selling point for systems. It gives the consumer both hardware and a playable game for a reasonable price, often convincing people who are still on the fence to buy the system. The only existing Wii U bundle features Zombi U, a game with mediocre ratings and gameplay, so it should come as no surprise that Nintendo has likely decided to try again. The rumors have been circulating about a Deluxe Wii U bundle including The…