Wii UConsole bundles are always a fantastic selling point for systems. It gives the consumer both hardware and a playable game for a reasonable price, often convincing people who are still on the fence to buy the system. The only existing Wii U bundle features Zombi U, a game with mediocre ratings and gameplay, so it should come as no surprise that Nintendo has likely decided to try again. The rumors have been circulating about a Deluxe Wii U bundle including The Wind Waker HD, and while until now we had very little reason to believe these rumors were true, American retailer Target has just given us some.

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According to this low-quality snapshot of the Target inventory tracking system, taken by an employee, it would appear that Nintendo has listened to reason and will be giving fans the bundle they’ve been asking for!

Target inventory

The picture shows that the console will be the 32 GB version, but it sadly doesn’t show much else. According to a source at Target, it will retail for $349.99. While we have little information, I still think this bundle is a great move on Nintendo’s part. Many fans of the Zelda franchise have not yet purchased Wii U systems, and with this information, they may now plan to do so.

So will you be buying this Wii U bundle? How do you think it’s going to sell? Leave all of your answers in the comments below?

Source: Destructoid

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