This week, Games Done Quick, a huge charity marathon organization, released their schedules for two upcoming events: GDQ Express and Awesome Games Done Quick 2019.

Expanding out from their bi-annual speedrunning marathons, GDQ Express is taking place at the end of October at TwitchCon, a huge gathering of Twitch streamers and viewers. This smaller scale event features a selection of the most popular (and sometimes craziest) runs to feature in a GDQ event, and includes the following Zelda titles:

  • Ocarina of Time 3D, MST. Run by Gymnast86. Friday 26th, 6:58PM.
  • A Link Between Worlds, Any%. Run by TheLegendofZaheer. Saturday 27th, 7:25PM.
  • Super Metroid/A Link to the Past, Combo Randomizer.  Sunday 28th, 10:57AM.

(All times featured are in EST. For a schedule in your own Time Zone, click here)

Curious as to what a “Combo Randomizer” is? Your guess is as good as mine. Also featuring in this event are a Mega Man block (Saturday 27th, 4:59PM) and a good, old fashioned, TASBOT block (Sunday 28th, 1251PM). The event ends with a 70-Star, Super Mario 64 run by cheese05.

Then, in January, the main event: Awesome Games Done Quick 2019. Hosted in Maryland, the week-long event is raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Since its inception, the event has raised over $16.5 Million for charity. This year, four Zelda titles, feature:

  • Majora’s Mask, Any%. Run by popesquidward. Sunday 6th, 6:47PM.
  • Twilight Princess, All Dungeons. Run by SkyBlueAether. Wednesday 9th, 2:51PM.
  • Wind Waker HD, 100%. Run by Linkus7. Thursday 10th, 11:13PM.
  • A Link to the Past, Low% 1-Hit KO. Run by Xelna. Saturday 12th, 12:45PM.

(All Times featured are in EST. For a schedule in your own Time Zone, click here)

While lacking in the “Combo Randomizer” department, this event has many more exciting runs and features, including the first run of Splatoon 2‘s Octo Expansion DLC (Monday 7th, 9:45PM), a 4-way Super Mario Bros. 3mix race (Tuesday 8th, 8:01PM), and a Mega Man Block, which opens with a 3-team relay race of Mega Man X1 (Wednesday 9th, 8:33PM). The event ends with the traditional Super Metroid run, this time with the Reverse Boss Order category to keep things fresh.

As always, there’s much more to the events than the runs listed above. Be sure to check out the schedule for both events to make sure you don’t miss a run of your favorite game!

Will you be watching, or even attending, either of these GDQ events? What runs are you looking forward to the most?

Source: Games Done Quick

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