There is probably nothing more hilarious than an outrageous

Zelda .gif. In fact, think I could watch a loop of Link throwing a pig off a cliff for hours at a time. For all the Zelda .gif fans in the world, Wii U Daily recently collected 30 of The Legend of Zelda‘s finest and funniest .gifs. Spanning several games in the series, as well as animations and fan art, this .gif collection is sure to give you a laugh.

The beautifully silly images you see below demonstrate the magic that awaits you in this .gif collection – and this only scratches the surface of all the Zelda gifs out there. In addition to classic clips from

Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword, you’ll find plenty of other goofy .gifs. My favorites include a rad image Link in sunglasses and a rather unsettling loop of Link looking deep into our eyes.

What is your favorite .gif in this collection? What other Zelda .gifs do you enjoy? Share your favorites with us in the comments!

Source: Giphy, Imgur, Screenhead, Tumblr, Google (via Wii U Daily)

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