Bringing older games onto current generation systems is nothing new. Nintendo’s arguably been one of the forerunners on this front, whether it’s been the Virtual Console bringing their classic library to new gamers or their recent trend of upgrading older games to newer hardware. Since backwards compatibility is less of a talked-about selling point, the trend is moving towards games being remade from the ground up.

We’ve already started to see the older Legend of Zelda games move towards the current gen. The Wii U had both Wind Waker and Twilight Princess redone with HD graphics, and the 3DS has provided Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask with both graphic and gameplay overhauls. However, there are so many more that fans of the series would love to play.

That brings us to today’s Daily Debate: which Legend of Zelda game would you like to see brought forward to the 21st century? Personally, I would dig seeing new takes on The Adventure of Link, Link’s Awakening, or Oracle of Ages/Seasons. What do you all think? Let us know below!

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