Hey there guys! Final mailbag before the changes with #100. Look forward to the mailbag next week, because it’s going to be a special one! Anyway, this week we have a total of 13 questions, with a particular focus on Majora’s Mask, though there’s also a handful of timeline ones and Link keeps getting brought up. You can watch the video here or check out the embed after the jump.

Questions and timestamps:

(00:11) – Which incarnation of Link do you think is the most bad***?
(01:26) – Do you think that Zelda on the Wii U will be a traditional Zelda game or a different thing completely?
(02:24) – Since Skyward Sword is in the past, do you think a future Zelda game will be more present day?
(03:11) – Skyward Sword is supposed to be first on the timeline, but since you acquire only the first two Triforces in the first Zelda game and Courage in the second, shouldn’t they be first?
(04:05) – In Ocarina of Time, do the Sages die before they become Sages?
(04:58) – In Majora’s Mask, how does Link even get into Termina, an alternate dimension?
(05:32) – What does the scene at the end of Majora’s Mask where you see the Deku Butler with a small tree mean?
(06:29) – How does the Skull Kid get on top of the Clock Tower?
(06:54) – Don’t you think that Mikau’s introduction in Majora’s Mask was a deep for a Zelda game? I mean it was a little much, no?
(07:42) – There are a lot of remixed songs from Ocarina of Time in Twilight Princess. Which versions do you prefer?
(08:27) – Why is it that Ganondorf breaks out very quickly on the Adult Timeline, but his seal lasts a long time on the Child Timeline?
(09:23) – Do you think there’s any significance to the resemblance between Rupin from Skyward Sword and the Happy Mask Salesman?
(09:58) – What would your opinion be on a game that incorporates the Roc’s Cape and Pegasus Boots to make a faster-paced Zelda game, maybe with platforming?

Be sure to submit your name/username and questions to our contact page, or if that page doesn’t work then email them to mailbag@zeldadungeon.net for next week’s mailbag!

Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? How about your thoughts about the questions? Which incarnation of Link do you think is the most bad***? Which did you prefer, Ocarina of Time’s original songs or the remixes in Twilight Princess? Do you think the Sages could have died in becoming Sages in Ocarina of Time? Do you think Mikau’s introduction and death in Majora’s Mask was a bit heavy? Tell me in the comments!

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