Hey there guys! Sorry about last week, what with there being no mailbag. As a result of that, our intro contest is being extended (click for rules), but for now we’ve got a new mailbag! This one’s mostly about the Wii U, future Zelda ideas, and just Zelda in general. 11 questions in all. Enjoy! You can watch the video here or check out the embed after the jump.

Questions and timestamps:

(00:21) – Which do you prefer, the Boomerang or the Beetle?
(01:29) – What kind of personality or role do you want the next Zelda to have?
(02:56) – Should Zelda occasionally experiment with different genres in new games?
(04:16) – What kind of Zelda do you think could be developed for the Wii U? What are you expecting?
(05:10) – What do you think about the similarities between Zelda and God of War?
(06:01) – How would you feel about a Zelda game having a sadder ending? How could they make it work, and how far could they go?
(07:01) – How would you feel about larger multiple-path decisions and choices in future Zelda games, like the letter sidequest in Skyward Sword but bigger?
(07:58) – How does the time travel in Ocarina of Time work if he simply sleeps in the Temple of Time for seven years?
(09:01) – Why are the Bombers in Majora’s Mask called that?
(09:20) – Why is The Wind Waker on the Adult Timeline if Link is a little kid?
(10:06) – Why is Skyview Temple called “Forest Temple” on the map screen?

Be sure to submit your name/username and questions to our contact page, or if that page doesn’t work then email them to mailbag@zeldadungeon.net for next week’s mailbag!

Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? How about your thoughts about the questions? Do you like the Boomerang or Beetle better? How would you like Zelda to be in the next game? What genres could Zelda try out, or what do you think we’ll see on the Wii U? Tell me in the comments!

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