Curiosity ShopWell hello guys! So finally I’ve got a new mailbag video. This one’s all about Skyward Sword, the new Zelda game. There’ll probably be a focus on Skyward Sword for the next couple weeks. That and the new Ocarina of Time remake on the 3DS.

Also, a congratulations and thank you to Zeruda on the Zelda Dungeon forums for winning the Curiosity Shop Logo Contest!

Here are the questions and their timestamps:

(00:38) – What do you think of Skyward Sword’s graphics?
(01:32) – What do you think the reaction to Skyward Sword will be since everyone seems to hate it?
(02:33) – Will this game have Princess Zelda and Ganondorf?
(03:56) – We saw the Master Sword in the trailer. What do you think about this and what the Skyward Sword is?
(05:22) – It shows Link jumping off a cliff in the trailer. Do you think this indicates flight?
(06:00) – In the trailer and pictures, we see a lava fish and blob. What are these enemies?
(07:04) – It seems like E3 focused on the controls. Do you think this is a mistake, and what do you think of concerns about Wii Motion Plus?
(08:29) – Do you think Skyward Sword will be compatible with the Classic or GameCube controllers?
(09:41) – Since you were right that it is a lighter game, what other predictions do you have?

Be sure to send your questions, especially Skyward Sword ones, to

So, can you guess the music playing? How about your opinions on the graphics and style of the game, among other things? Did any of YOUR predictions come true? Tell me in the comments! Also, be sure to bookmark our Skyward Sword Walkthrough page, as we will be providing a full guide wants the game ships next year.

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