Written by Axle the Beast, this editorial series consists of a collection of short articles each focused entirely on a single dungeon of the series, going over an entire game’s dungeons in order. He really breaks them down and examines not only the gameplay and design of the dungeon, but its themes, atmosphere, ideas, and even talks about its place or prominence in the game. The series was originally just going to be about Skyward Sword because Axle wanted to go over what he thought were some of the series’ most fascinating dungeons, but he later expanded it to cover other games.

~~~Editorials~~~ Games listed by order of release. Dungeons typically listed by intended order.

~Ocarina of Time Dungeons~

~Majora’s Mask Dungeons~

~The Wind Waker Dungeons~

~The Minish Cap Dungeons~

~Twilight Princess Dungeons~

~Skyward Sword Dungeons~

Author: Axle the Beast

Frequently writing articles for both Zelda Dungeon and his own website, Axle has been on ZD for several years and also runs the site’s video mailbag and regularly does other videos on the site’s YouTube channel. He can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, deviantART, and his own YouTube channel.