Hero Swordoutset isalnd, Orcas house
Master SwordUnderwater hyrule castle
Hero Shieldoutset island, grandmas house
Mirror Shieldearth temple, in chest
Teloscopeoutset island Aryll gives it to you
Spoils Bagpirates ship (after neko's mini game)
Sailwindfall island, Buy it for 80 rupees from Zunari (eskimo guy)
Tingle Tunerwindfall island, Tingle ( release him from his jail cell)
Picto box/deluxewindfall island, in tingles cell (break box and follow maze)
Deluxe picto box: complete the missions lenzo the pictograph guy gives you and bring him a fire fly from the forest ( the blinking ones)
Wind WakerDragon Roost island king of red lions should give it to you upon your very first visit
Delivery bagDragon Roost island, Talk to quill the mailman he should give it too you
Bait BagAnywhere Beedles ship is buy it for 20 rupees
Deku Leafforest havem Deku tree makes it appear* than you climb him to get it
Boomerangforbidden woods, in chest
Bombspirates ship ( 2nd time) Nekos mini game again
Hero's bowtower of the gods, in chest
Iron bootsice ring isle, (shoot dragons head with a fire arrow from boat and enter his head under the time period, than just complete this little dungeon)
Hookshotwind temple, in a sepcific room two wizzerrobes should appear defeat them both
Skull Hammerforsaken fortress (2nd time) defeat phantom ganon
Grappling hookDragon Roost island (dungeon) Medli gives it to you after you rescue her
Magic ArmorWindfall island, complete a trading sequence for zunari (eskimo guy) and than visit his stand
Hyoi pearavaliable at beedles boat shop for 20 rupees
All- Purpose baitavaliable at beedles boat shop for 10 rupees ( 3 pieces)
Fire Arrows/ice arrowsafter you learn the ballad of gales fly to the whirlwind thats almost in the middle of the map A little fairy girl will appear and she will give you both the fire and ice arrows.
Light Arrowsganon's tower defeat phantom ganon in a room wiht only two doors you'll find a chest and the light arrows are your reward.
Pirates Charmpirate's ship (you dont actually recieve or find this item you have it with you all along its just you notice it at this time)
Power Braceletfire mountian shoot a fire arrows at the active volcano complete the maze in under the time limit and that will be your reward
Spoilsyou need to collect each type they are located evey where throughout the game.
Blue/green/red chu jelly(you only need 1-5 give it too doc badam in windfall isalnd for him to make you potions red gives you full health, green gives you a full magic meter blue gives both)
Boko baba seedGive to hollo in forest haven he gives you a blue potion for every 4 seedsa you bring him.
Joy Pendentgive to teacher on windfall isalnd she'll give you diffrent things for 20 joy pendents the deed to her cabana, for 30 she'll give you the hero's charm***
Skull necklecesgive to old man after you rescue girls in forsaken fortress you need 20 he'll give you treasure map #2
Knights crestgive 10 to orca to learn the hurricane technique.
Golden feathergive to hoskit on dragon roost island he will buy them from you