There are plenty of moments worth remembering in your favorite video games, that point in time that will always remain in the back of your head. In fact, if we were to name every such moment for the entire Zelda community, we’d have a very big list. Not everyone’s absolute favorite moment from a Zelda title is the same though. For instance, today we’re taking a look at what one fan and Zelda theorist says are the best moments from the franchise.

That one fan goes by the name Edible Incredible, and, in a recent video, he decided to name what he considers the top 10 most epic moments from the Zelda series. The list includes moments from Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, The Wind Waker, Breath of the Wild, and A Link to the Past.

In the end though, Edible’s number one moment goes to Ganondorf’s transformation into Ganon in Ocarina of Time. This was Edible’s first time beating a 3D Zelda game, even staying up late to defeat the dark king. Just when he thought it was all over, he looked in shock at Ganondorf rising from the rubble and turning into Ganon. This moment is what sparked Edible Incredible’s admiration for the series.

What did you think of this list? What’s an epic moment from the Zelda series that you remember? Let us know in the comments below!

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