Welcome… to Fall Brawl!

Summer is over, but don’t fret: for the third year, the Fall Brawl Character Contest is back. 2019 saw Midna take home the top prize2020 saw Skull Kid squeak out a thrilling last minute victory. 2021 had Sheik dominating the field. This year, the field is wide open and a NEW Champion will be crowned. The premise is simple: 64 characters enter, and in a spin on a regular NCAA-style tournament, these characters compete in matches throughout the bracket until only one remains! This is strictly a popularity contest, so vote for your favorite! This year, however, there’s a twist:

Super Smash Bros. characters have invaded the field!

That’s right! Some Nintendo royalty, including Mario, Samus Aran, Fox McCloud, Bowser, and more, have invaded the field and challenged the Zelda team to a fight! This year, every single first round matchup will feature a Zelda character taking on a Smash Bros. character! Will you vote to defend the honor of our homegrown Zelda talent? Or will you support the outsiders looking to create a new world order? Let’s find out!


Voting – All voting will take place on this page. This page will be updated daily, so bookmark it!

The Rules – Polls will last exactly 24 hours. You may vote once. If you are caught cheating, your votes will be removed and you will be banned from participating in the future. Feel free to tweet to try and rally support, but don’t be overbearing.

The Schedule – Fall Brawl will take place from September 13th to September 25th. For a full breakdown of the matches, check here.

The Bracket – Check here for an updated bracket.

About the Polls – Polls are sometimes finicky. If you are getting an error message, try logging out of any WordPress accounts you may be in.

Polls will start and end at 5 PM, Eastern Standard Time (EST). 



Do you think YOU know who the most popular character from our field this year is going to be? PROVE IT! You have from now until the contest begins to predict MATCH BY MATCH who is going to win the tournament. For each correct prediction in round one, you’ll net yourself 1 point. In round two, the right winner will bag you 2 points, and so on: round three gets you 3 points, the Elite 8 gets you 4 points, the Final Four nabs you 5, and if you predict the winner of Fall Brawl 3, you get 6 points! Whoever ends up with the most points will not only be crowned the WINNER of Fall Brawl 4, but win a prize! First place will win ANY PIECE OF ZELDA DUNGEON MERCH they choose! We have an incredible variety of Zelda and Zelda Dungeon Team inspired shirts, so the stakes couldn’t be higher!

These are just a handful of the designs available!



After 13 days of intense matchups, close calls, and thousands of votes, we have officially crowned the winner of Zelda Dungeon’s Fall Brawl Character Contest 4…

Congratulations to Ghirahim! After finishing in second place in 2021 in his match against Sheik, Ghirahim has made his comeback, beating out Urbosa in the final championship match! Thank you to everyone who participated, and we’ll be contacting the winner of the Predictions Contest soon. See you next year!



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