Tri Force Heroes
and its collection of suits could not have come along at a more convenient time. It’s Halloween! And what better way to celebrate Halloween than putting on an amazing getup and heading out into a world of monsters and heroes and candy? On this special holiday edition of Zelda Dungeon Talks, some of the staff and I have picked out our favorite Tri Force Heroes suits that we would like to wear as our Halloween costumes.

Hit the jump to see our staff picks and be sure to tell us which suit you’d wear for Halloween in the comments below!

Alasyn Eletha-View Profile

If I got to pick one of the suits as my Halloween costume I’d probably go with the Kokiri Clothes. Link wearing them reminds me of Robin Hood and the various bows have always been my favorite item throughout the Zelda series. Plus, green is my favorite color. Though, someone would probably just think I dressed up as Peter Pan…

Thomas Jacobs-View Profile

I would go with the Timeless Tunic. While its blocky design might not be very comfortable because of the increased size and there’s a good chance you’d be compared to Minecraft, there’s something delightfully retro about the suit, both in its shape and its Wind Waker-inspired design. Though I’m not sure how well I could pull it off given that I’m not a blockhead…

Kira Koneko-View Profile

Alas, so many choices, what is a girl to wear… If I were to wear one of the costumes from Tri Force Heroes for Halloween it would most definitely have to be the Kokiri Clothes! I too worry that someone would think I was just dressed up as Peter Pan but you just can’t mess with a classic, and it gives me an excuse to carry around my bow and arrows!

Ethan Hunt-View Profile

I think I’m gonna have to go with the Goron Tunic, not only is it very cool looking and reminiscent of one of my favourite races in the series, but also it’s lava immunity ability will come in very handy, as I will be on FIRE on the dance floor.

Jon Lett-View Profile

Got to go with that Timeless Tunic. Loads of people know and love a good Link outfit when they see it, in fact, by awesome coincidence, I just saw three at a Halloween party last night! But imagine people’s reaction to seeing a 3D, 8-bit version! I know I would freak out in fanboy hype. Any 8-bit character costume would be sweet, but come on. It’s Link. I wish there was a matching Zelda one.