Alasyn Eletha

Copy Editor

Location: Tri City, Washington
Favorite Zelda: Skyward Sword
Date Joined: December 2014

Not all those who wander are lost.

Hey! My name is Alasyn. I’m 27, live in Washington state, and love Zelda! I started as a news writer with Zelda Dungeon back in early 2015, and am now currently a Copy Editor. I primarily enjoy writing news for the site, but I also really like featuring fan created art and merchandise.

As for non-Zelda related things about me, I really like to read. My favorite author is Kelley Armstrong, and I tend to listen to the audio-book versions of Harry Potter whenever I need background noise. Rather than borrowing books from the library or having them on a Kindle, I prefer to buy every book I read and then add them to my constantly growing home library. Some more of my other favorite things would be the color green, foxes, hedgehogs, pigs, football, Sailor Moon, Mexican food, Jason Bateman, hiking, The Office, and a plethora of other things I can’t think of at the moment to add to this random list, haha!

I grew up with a large family and did a lot of traveling a few years ago while being in the military, as they like to ship you off places. One of the things that has always helped me relieve stress caused by having five brothers or living a military lifestyle has been the Zelda franchise. Whenever I just need time to myself, or feel a bit down, I pick the first Zelda game that pops into my head and just play for a while. I find that sometimes clearing your head takes getting lost in another world, so I really appreciate being part of a community so devoted to the game series that gives me that escape.

My top 3 Zelda games are Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, and Breath of the Wild. I know a lot of people hate the motion controls in Skyward Sword, and some even go as far as to think that Breath of the Wild isn’t a true Zelda game. However, I find that Skyward Sword has the best developed story of the series, and I never seem to get tired of replaying Breath of the Wild now.

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