With Nintendo recently revealing some information on the NX and what was long called Zelda U, there have been many mixed reactions from fans. Basically Zelda U won’t be Wii U exclusive, it will also be releasing on the NX. For me personally I don’t really care as I will be without a doubt purchasing both day one but for the fans out there who bought a Wii U mainly for the new Zelda game, then they may feel slightly betrayed. We don’t have any information on what the NX version of the game will be like but it will most likely just end up being a slightly enhanced port of the Wii U version. If they completely improve the textures and overall beauty of the game for NX then that would be awesome but I really don’t see that happening. So what system will you be getting the new Zelda on? Wii U or NX?

In this week’s edition of Zelda Dungeon Talks, various staff members will tell us which console they will be buying the upcoming Zelda on. Feel free to leave your own opinion in the comments. 

Jon Lett – View Profile

I must say, I am quite likely to buy it on Wii U. I have no doubt that I will buy and enjoy the NX at some point, but I truly believe that this Zelda was developed in favour of the Wii U. Since I have not seen the NX and its hardware yet, I cannot tell what it will be like playing Zelda on it. This also means that Nintendo has not had a chance to show us what would make playing it on NX so good. Part of me may just be hanging on for dear life to the Wii U after Nintendo’s apparent abandonment of it, but I really do think that the gamepad presents the best method of gameplay that Zelda has ever had, with two screens and touch-based menus and maps. I have faith in the Wii U’s ability to give us another great Zelda experience, and I am sure that the NX will have a sweet Zelda exclusive of its own someday.

Kira Koneko – View Profile

This is kind of a tough question for me as I feel there are a few variables, if not a few of my own neuroses’. As much as I want to scream and yell at Nintendo for what I feel is a very early abandonment of the Wii U, it really is a great console that I don’t think has really gotten the attention that it should have. I know I will be securing myself an NX day one, I can say that pretty confidently even though I really don’t have any conclusive information on it. Such is my love (sometimes hatred for Nintendo). I’m just not sure what I want to do with the next Zelda game. It has been simultaneously developed for Wii U and the NX but with the Wii U being ultimately less powerful it only makes sense to get it for that console. At the end of the day it should have been released for the Wii U only, and in my mind is truly meant for that machine. Even if during the development process they realized it wasn’t powerful enough for the complete vision they had, they are ultimately making it work and at the end of the day releasing it for the Wii U. That being said, could it look better or be a better experience on the NX? Without having a little more information it is hard to give a definitive answer so I will give my best Nintendo fan girl answer… Both!

Alexis Anderson – View Profile

Honestly, I’ll probably get it for Wii U. I hate to play the game’s dead-console version, but alas. I’ll be starting college in the Fall and taking my Wii U with me, I see no reason to spend what little money I’ll have on an entirely new console when I’ll basically only have the new Zelda to play on it. The two versions hopefully won’t be any different aside from altered controls, so I won’t be missing out on anything and I’ll be saving money all the while. Only thing is, I will likely want to play the NX version at some point; so once I do get that console I’ll be basically repurchasing a Zelda game I already played which does not make me happy.

Brandon Schmitz – View Profile

Although I definitely plan to play both versions, I will likely start off with the NX one. Considering that we still know virtually nothing about the console itself, I can’t say whether the NX version will perform significantly better than its Wii U counterpart. That said, a Zelda game is a terrific way to ring in the release of a new console. Admittedly, my inner Nintendo enthusiast views that as, like, a mandatory ritual. If Zelda U doesn’t launch alongside the NX — and if the NX doesn’t boast any noteworthy day-one titles — then I might just wait until our next trip to Hyrule before I buy the system.

Alasyn Eletha – View Profile

I’m going with the NX version. I personally love the Wii U and I plan on sticking with it for the long run, but I also know how long Nintendo consoles last in my large family and I will inevitably be purchasing an NX anyways. On top of that, I’m convinced that though the game on either console may not differ too greatly, the delays and the launch of Zelda U on the NX are happening for a reason and I want to know why. Will it be a better total experience on the NX? I don’t know. But I’m going to start there and see if I have to make my way backwards or not. I’d love to get the Wii U version as well and make my own comparisons, even if that will wind up being a rather spendy investment.

Thomas Jacobs – View Profile

I’m a bit behind with owning Nintendo consoles: I don’t even own a Wii U yet. However, I will have to see what the NX brings to the table before deciding on which one to buy. The Wii U has only a limited library of good games, but if the NX is backwards compatible I will likely buy it for that system. This of course also depends on the other features of the console. The tablet of the Wii U does not make or break the system for me, but if it allows for two screen functionality and the NX does not, it will certainly factor into my choice. And if the NX is backwards compatible, how will it handle the Wii U version of the game? So in short, before I can make a choice on for which system to buy it on I’ll have to see the differences between the versions of the game.


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