The Adventure of Link Enemies

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Overworld Enemies

AcheBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Ache (Blue)Blue Ache are found in caves and forests. When Link draws near, they swoop down to attack.
Experience Points: 3
AchePurple-Sprite-AOL.png Ache (Purple)In the Water Town of Saria and the Mountain Town of Darunia, some villagers are actually monsters in disguise, the Eyes of Ganon. When Link talks to these imposters, they transform into their true form.
Experience Points: 3
RedAche-Sprite-AOL.png Acheman (Bat Form)Achemen initially appear as red Ache.
Experience Points: 10
Acheman-Sprite-AOL.png AchemanOnce the red Ache reaches the ground, it transforms into an Acheman, a bipedal fire breathing monster. Upon firing a projectile, they quickly retreat to the cave ceiling. Link's Shield cannot repel the fireball, so he must jump to avoid it unless he has cast Reflect.
Experience Points: 10
AirBubble-Sprite-AOL.png Air BubbleIn a few areas on the Overworld, these bubbles rise from the ground and cause minimal damage to Link on contact. Air Bubbles cannot be destroyed and should be evaded.
Skettlar-Sprite-AOL.png ArurodaAruroda resemble one-eyed scorpions. Their carapace is thicker than the plate armor of an Iron Knuckle, which makes them impervious to physical damage, except when the eye is open. To attack, the Aruroda shoots fireballs from its tail that can only be repelled with Reflect.
Experience Points: 150
Basilisk-Sprite-AOL.png BasiliskBasilisks, four-legged beasts that fire energy beams at Link, are completely immune to sword attacks. In order to damage them, Link must cast the Fire Spell.
Experience Points: 50
WhiteBagoBago-Sprite-AOL.png Bago-Bago (White)Bago-Bago are skeletal fish that are principally found around bridges throughout Hyrule. They leap from the water or lava and fire Boulders. Should Link come in contact with one, he loses 10 experience.
Experience Points: 3 (5 in Eastern Hyrule)
Bit-Sprite-AOL.png Bit
Pesto-Sprite-AOL.png Boon
BotBlue-Sprite-AOL.gif Bot
Boulder-Sprite-AoL.png Boulder
DairaOrange.gif Daira (Orange)
DairaRed.png Daira (Oranage)
DeelerRed-Sprite-AOL.png Deeler (Red)
DeelerBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Deeler (Blue)
Geldarm-Sprite-AOL.png Geldarm
100px Girobokku
GoriyaOrange-Sprite-AOL.gif Goriya (Orange)
GoriyaRed-Sprite-AOL.gif Goriya (Red)
GoriyaBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Goriya (Blue)
Leever-Sprite-AOL.png Leever
LizalfosOrange-Sprite-AOL.png Lizalfos (Orange)
LizalfosRed-Sprite-AOL.png Lizalfos (Red)
LizalfosBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Lizalfos (Blue)
LizalfosThrow-Sprite-AOL.png Lizalfos (Rock-Throwing)
Lowder-Sprite-AOL.png Lowder
Megmat-Sprite-AOL.png Megmat
MoaRed-Sprite-AOL.png Moa (Red)
MoaBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Moa (Blue)
MoaPurple-Sprite-AOL.png Moa (Purple)
MoblinOrange-Sprite-AOL.png Moblin (Orange)
MoblinRed-Sprite-AOL.png Moblin (Red)
MoblinBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Moblin (Blue)
Moby-Sprite-AOL.png Moby
Myu-Sprite-AOL.png Myu
OctorokRed-Sprite-AOL.png Octorok (Red)
OctorokBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Octorok (Blue)
Usriverdevilsprite.png River Devil
Tektite-Sprite-AOL.png Tektite

Palace Enemies

Red Armored Stalfos.png Armored Stalfos (Red)
ArmoredStalfos2.png Armored Stalfos (Blue)
RedBagobago-Sprite-AOL.png Bago-Bago (Red)
BotDarkBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Bot (Dark Blue)
BotDarkBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Bot (Great Palace)
Bubble-Sprite-AOL.png Bubble
Doomknocker-Sprite-AOL.png Doomknocker
FokkaRed-Sprite-AOL.png Fokka (Red)
FokkaBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Fokka (Blue)
Fokkeru-Sprite-AOL.png Fokkeru
GiantBot-Sprite-AOL.png Giant Bot
Guma-Sprite-AOL.png Guma
IronknuckleOrange-Sprite-AOL.png Iron Knuckle (Orange)
IronknuckleRed-Sprite-AOL.png Iron Knuckle (Red)
IronknuckleBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Iron Knuckle (Blue)
KingBuble-Sprite-AOL.png King Bubble
Mago-Sprite-AOL.png Mago
Mau-Sprite-AOL.png Mau
MoaFire-Sprite-AOL.png Moa (Fire)
Myu-Sprite-AOL.png Myu
Myu-Sprite-AOL.png Myu (Great Palace)
RaBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Ra (Blue)
RaOrange-Sprite-AOL.png Ra(Orange)
RopeBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Rope (Blue)
RopeRed-Sprite-AOL.png Rope (Red)
StalfosRed-Sprite-AOL.png Stalfos (Red)
StalfosBlue-Sprite-AOL.png Stalfos (Blue)
No Image.png Stone Statue
Wizzrobe-Sprite-AOL.png Wizard
Tinsuit-Sprite-AOL.png Wosu