Link's Awakening Characters

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Main Characters

Link LA.png LinkThe star of the game, and of all the other Zelda games to date. Link was side tracked in a thunder storm when a bolt of lightning struck his raft. He got washed up on Koholint Island, and everyone says he cannot leave until the Wind Fish awakens. Marin and Tarin, residents of Mabe Village, took him in when Marin found him washed up on the shores. Isn't it strange how awakening a fish is his only way out? Don't you wonder why he can't just sail away? That's for you to find out.
Marin.png MarinMarin found Link washed up on the beach one day. She seems to have romantic feelings for Link, but she never completely shows it. You will see her several times during the game, one time sitting with her on the beach, another time saving her in Tal Tal Heights. Marin teaches Link the Ballad of the Wind Fish on his Ocarina. It is known to have awakening powers, as the Owl says.
Owl.png OwlThe Owl is first seen when Link retrieves his Sword from Toronbo Shores, giving Link advice throughout the game and telling him where to go next. At the end of the game, it is revealed that the Owl is actually part of the Wind Fish's consciousness that manifested itself on Koholint Island.
Wind-Fish-Sprite.png Wind FishThe Wind Fish is the creator and deity of Koholint Island, with it being a creation of his own dreams. Throughout most of the game, he resides in his Egg that sits atop Mt. Tamaranch and can only be awakened by playing the Ballad of the Wind Fish on the Eight Instruments of the Sirens. After Link defeats The Shadow Nightmares, the Wind Fish reveals himself to Link and explains to him the true nature of Koholint Island.
The-Shadow-Nightmares.png Shadow NightmaresThe Shadow Nightmares are the main antagonist of the game and are responsible for the Wind Fish's slumber. The are the collectivefinal boss forms of the game, which Link must defeat to awaken the Wind Fish and get off Koholint Island.

Trading Sequence

Trendy Game Shop Owner.png Trendy Game Shop Owner
Papahl's Wife.png Papahl's Wife
Small-Chain-Chomp-4.png Small Chain Chomp
Sale.png Sale
Kiki-LA-Sprite.png Kiki
Tarin.png Tarin
Chef Bear.png Chef Bear
Papahl.png Papahl
Christine.png Christine
Mr. Write.png Mr. Write
Grandma Ulrira.png Grandma Ulrira
Fisherman.png Fisherman
Martha.png Martha
Goriya LA.png Secret Goriya


BowWow Sprite.png BowWow
Hippo American Sprite.png Hippo
Quadruplets.png Island Quadruplets
MadameMeowMeow.png Madam MeowMeow
Rabbits.png Rabbits
100px Schule Donavich
Shop Keeper.png Town Tool Shopkeeper
Ulrira.png Ulrira


Crazy Tracy.png Crazy Tracy
Cucco Keeper.png Cucco Keeper
FlyingRooster Large.png Flying Rooster
Ghost.png Ghost
LA Great Fairy Sprite.png Great Fairy
Mad Batter LA.png Mad Batter
Mamu Sprite.png Mamu
Manbo.png Manbo
Rapids Ride Operator Sprite.png Rapids Ride Operator
Richard.png Richard
Syrup.png Syrup
Walrus.png Walrus

DX Version

LA Fairy Queen Fountain.png Fairy Queen
River-Zora-LA-Sprite.png Secret Zora
SkeletalGuards.png Skeletal Guards
No Image.png Spirit of the Mansion
Photographer.png Photo-grapher