The Adventure of Link Codes

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Below are a listing of codes from The Adventure of Link. In order to use these codes, the player must use a Game Genie. Later versions of the NES, including the 3rd Party Nintendo AVS had a Game Genie built in. Unfortunately, these codes cannot be used on a Virtual Console version of the game.

For some of the codes, there are two codes listed. You will need to input both of them in order for the game genie to work. For many of these codes, it will swap the Shield Spell with a secondary spell. When using these codes, when you try to use the Shield Spell, it will have the effects of the other Spell. However, these codes are a bit unstable and depending on unknown variables, could cause some problems to your game file. This includes freezing and causing sprites to appear awkwardly on the screen, requiring you to reset your game. Other times, this could mean the game resetting to the title screen.

Code Effect
SZUTYUSE Link takes no damage
SZKGKXVK Infinite Lives
PASKPLLA Start with 1 Life
TASKPLLA Start with 6 Lives
PASKPLLE Start with 9 Lives
AZUOLIAL Mega-Jump (Jumps slightly higher than a normal jump)
AAUOLIAL Infinite Jump (Can hold jump button to go all the way to the top of the screen)
SXNASSSE Infinite Magic
SXVIKOVK Infinite Keys
XTSSTKSE Get 256 Experience Points from most enemies
SXESIKSE Don't lose Experience Points when hit by level-stealing enemies
SZVOUNSE + SZNPKNSE Don't lose Experience Points after leveling up
OYKEEVSA + NPKEOVVA Swap Shield Spell for Fire Spell
LYKEEVSA + VAKEOVVE Swap Shield Spell for Spell Spell
LZKEEVSA + OPKEOVVA Swap Shield Spell for Fairy Spell
IIKEEVSE + VAKEOVVE Swap Shield Spell for Life Spell
VTKEEVSA + OPKEOVVA Swap Shield Spell for Thunder Spell