It’s been about a year since the release of A Link Between Worlds, and the hype has finally settled for the title.  But for today, I’ll be drawing us back into a debate for the installment.  A Link Between Worlds featured something that stood out to a lot of us, something to definitely note, and something a Zelda title had never experienced beforehand: Ravio’s Shop.

Ravio’s Shop gave Zelda fans and newcomers alike a breath of fresh air, offering the option to either rent or buy any dungeon item at anytime, allowing you to take on the dungeons in whichever order you pleased.  Of course, there’s also the downside of all rented items being taken back to Ravio when Link dies, causing you to have to re-rent the items all over again.  This adds a new, fresh mechanic to the Zelda series, and allows for all new gameplay like no Zelda game before.

What are your thoughts on Ravio’s Shop?  Are you fond of this feature, or was it a bad idea?  What parts did you enjoy or loathe?  Was it worth it to add the feature in the installment?  Let us know in the comments below!

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