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In games like Ocarina of Time, designating a specific element to each dungeon made perfect sense because each corresponded to a Sage of said element. In many Zelda games a similar pattern is followed, either by having the player collect element specific items within the temples or placing them in provinces that bear the same elemental traits as the dungeon residing in it. This made receiving and using specific weapons in each temple viable, but with a new age of…

So, how did everyone like E3? Have any opinions on it? I know I do, but we can talk about that later- let’s get to the Gossip Stone! In A Link Between Worlds, there was the option to rent items if you didn’t have enough rupees to purchase it- however, there’s a catch. Simply renting an item means that if all of Link’s hearts are depleted and you’re greeted with the Game Over screen, all the items you have on…

It’s been about a year since the release of A Link Between Worlds, and the hype has finally settled for the title.  But for today, I’ll be drawing us back into a debate for the installment.  A Link Between Worlds featured something that stood out to a lot of us, something to definitely note, and something a Zelda title had never experienced beforehand: Ravio’s Shop.

An image posted to Reddit a few days ago shows an excerpt of an interview in Game Informer with Hiromasa Shikata, the Director of A Link Between Worlds.

The image shows the text of a question that asks if there any Majora’s Mask references in A Link Between Worlds that we may have missed. The answer given is,

[Having Majora’s Mask in Link’s house] was a special request from Aonuma’s production team. Now why would they ask us to do that? – Hiromasa Shikata

Is Aonuma planning on doing more in the world of Termina? We can’t be certain, but it looks like the signs might be pointing that way. Read after the jump for more!

The reviewers at GameXplain recently acquired a copy of A Link Between Worlds for their playing pleasure, and they’ve been sharing different parts of the game with followers of their youtube channel. This most recent video gives us a closer look at Ravio’s Shop, the store in the game where you can buy or rent most of the items you’ll need to get through the dungeons, and can be viewed after the jump. Renting items is something you can do from the beginning of the game, and will generally run you between 50 and 100 rupees. It looks like you can rent every item at one time if you wish to, assuming you have enough rupees to do so.

The text is a bit blurry and can be difficult to make out, but this article at Zelda Universe shows us a little of what Ravio has to say. For one, not all of the items are available right from the start. The Sand Rod, for example, appears to already have been rented by a mysterious, unnamed third party.

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