It’s been about a year since the release of A Link Between Worlds, and the hype has finally settled for the title.  But for today, I’ll be drawing us back into a debate for the installment.  A Link Between Worlds featured something that stood out to a lot of us, something to definitely note, and something a Zelda title had never experienced beforehand: Ravio’s Shop. Liam OrthHeyo. My name’s Liam! And I’m a huge Zelda fanatic. Ever since I was a…

GameSpot just named A Link Between Worlds their game of the year, find out why and who it beat out, after the jump!

Jason Schreier and his co-host Kirk weigh in on A Link Between Worlds in the latest Kotaku Podcast: Burning Questions. Find out what they thought and get a link to the full podcast, after the jump!

Nintendo is releasing a series of four 15 second ads for A Link Between Worlds on Instagram. We reported previously on the first and second ones, and now Nintendo has released the third one. Hit the jump to check out the third ad!

We are in the week of the release of A Link Between Worlds, and most video game review sites already have their review copy. The embargo has also lifted, meaning that they can show the game to us, within reason. GameXplain has posted a short video showcasing the inside of the milk bar, and some talented musicians inside. Hit the jump to view the video!

I was intrigued by the Shadow Link Streetpass feature when it was first announced at the most recent Nintendo Direct, but now that The Bit Block has released a video detailing the feature in its entirety, I’m completely pumped for it! To view the video, hit the jump!

Earlier this month, Nintendo announced that they would be releasing 15 second ads for A Link Between Worlds on Instagram. They released the first one earlier this week, and they have just recently posted the second one. Hit the jump to see the ad!

As we get closer and closer to the release of A Link Between Worlds, more and more sites are getting their hands on review copies of the game. Reviews have been nothing but good, with Game Informer going so far as to give it a 10/10! Well, I’ve got news for you, Destructoid is here to kill that streak. Just kidding! Hit the jump to see what Destructoid had to say!

Nintendo has just released a new trailer for A Link Between Worlds showing some new, never before seen features, including Shadow Link, and also shows the return of a certain familiar villan. Hit the jump to watch the trailer!  

Eric Caoli from Tiny Cartridge has recently posted a few pictures showing a new character in A Link Between Worlds, the Rumor Guy! Yes, that is literally his name. He seems to have some obsession with gossip, especially in the Princess Zelda department. To read more, hit the jump!