I am not one for romantic situations. In fact, the most romance I got growing up was from watching romantic comedies, which my mother would watch constantly. Every romcom featured the same romantic moments at the end of the third act; two people fall in love in a beautiful location, and everything goes wrong for the right reasons. That’s how I’ve always seen romance.

You’re probably wondering what I’m trying to get at by mentioning all of this. Well, I felt the need to explain my own side of things when it comes to romance before getting into my own topic. With today being Valentine’s Day, as well as it being Zelda Dungeon’s Week of Love, I had an idea. Based on my experiences watching all of those movies over the years, I found that within the world of the Zelda series, there are many opportunities to have a real heart-to-heart moment with a significant other or true love.

I want to focus on what locations in the land of Hyrule are good romantic settings to which you would take someone out on a date. And the two key aspects I’ll be focusing on are location, and what you’ll be doing there.

There are many different locations in the series to which you can take your romantic other. If you’re looking for more of a tropical setting, there are a variety of island destinations you can visit on the Great Sea if you’re visiting the world of The Wind Waker. This vast ocean comes with all matter of islands that feature various exotic locales.

An ideal one to choose from if you’re looking to have a good romantic rendezvous is the Private Oasis. Owned by Link, this is an amazing, secluded spot for when you’re looking to get away from all the noise of the outside world. This luxurious bungalow comes with its own private waterfall, a cabin that comes with its own door butler, and even four Extremely High-Class Bone-China Vases. There’s even a telescope on top of the waterfall so you can peer off into the clear blue sea.

If you want to more of an inland situation, the lush Hyrule Field of Ocarina of Time — or of almost any game in the series for that matter — would be more than inviting. The center point to wonder at all of Hyrule’s majesty, this area of the series has always been known to offer a calming feel of the winds that blow through the land. And what makes Hyrule Field so unique is that each version of this place feels different.

With the beautiful Hyrule Field from Ocarina of Time also comes a visit to Lon Lon Ranch. This horse ranch offers the most beautiful of stallions, while also being home to people that truly care for their horses. This would be an amazing locale to ride around on horseback, all while enjoying an amazing sunset coming off the horizon.

Then there’s the Twilight Princess Hyrule Field, which spans even further than the one shown in Ocarina of Time. While the main highlight of the previous one was the ranch, this version comes with amazing views of the different landscapes that make up the land of Hyrule. It makes the traversal of this field even more of a delight. If you’re still interested in horseback riding for your date, then this field would make a wonderful opportunity.

According to fellow writer David Nystrom, there’s even a great place to go if you’re still traversing the fields of Twilight Princess and that’s Hyrule Castle Town Square:

“When I imagine the most romantic places to visit for a date night, I can’t help but think of Castle Town Square in Twilight Princess. Of course, this is after it has been liberated from twilight, but the setting has some personal vibes for me. My first date with my wife was at Cincinnati’s Fountain Square. We had pizza and ice cream, the fountain was all lit up, and obviously things worked out well from there. Since we’ve been together, I’ve replayed Twilight Princess a couple of times, and we both have remarked that the little tables on the side, looking up on the fountain and Hyrule Castle, remind us Fountain Square. Can’t get any more romantic than that.”

One last Hyrule Field that comes to mind is the one from Breath of the Wild. Located in Central Hyrule, this is the biggest version of the field in series history. However, unlike the other ones, there are only a couple of things that can sooth your romantic itch. You can have a nice picnic in the gorgeous field of flowers that surround Hyrule Castle. And there are high enough viewpoints where, if you don’t mind the climb, come with a gorgeous view of this very diverse land.

Now after all of that, if you don’t think a more open area is your kind of romantic setting, I do have something else in mind for you. A sacred location from Skyward Sword that I believe is elegant and secluded, which is none other than the Skyview Spring. While it is a divine area, you can’t deny what this spring has to offer.

This setting comes with scenic waterfalls, a gorgeous Statue of the Goddess, gorgeous trees, and a beautiful nature background that gives you a feel of comfort. This area would be a nice place to have a romantic picnic, or just somewhere to enjoy a peaceful setting to camp.

If you’re looking for another secluded spot of sorts that would make for a peaceful romantic setting, try the Ordon Spring from Twilight Princess. Located deep within the Ordon Woods, this gorgeous forest spring would be a great location to go on for a private swim, or at least just to relax after a long week of vanquishing evil.

However, I can’t truly talk about romantic locations unless I talk about the vast variety of choices given to you in Breath of the Wild. While I did previously bring up Hyrule Field, there are whole bunch of other locales that can be considered for a romantic setting in the latest Zelda game. We can begin with the charming seaside town of Lurelin Village.

This idyllic tropical fishing village comes with crystal clear blue-green waters and a resort with a beautiful view of the ocean. While there are the occasional rain showers, there are still those bright and sunny days so you can enjoy swimming. You can even have a more laidback romantic encounter by just kicking back and doing some fishing.

Writer Judy Calder provides a bit more insight into makes Lurelin Village a choice romantic setting:

“…you would walk along the pier, lit up by lanterns until you reach small boat. There, you and your date could enjoy a romantic picnic at the sea. I think it would be perfect at sunset, with the light reflecting off the ocean and that holiday feeling in the air.”

If you’re looking for more of a romantic setting with a tourist area feel to it, then Tarrey Town can be a nice tourist spot to spend time in. This town is the place to get know all the different cultures that populate this land of Hyrule. Gorons, Rito, Gerudo, and so many other different citizens of the region have so many unique trinkets for sale. And as seen in Breath of the Wild, it’ll even be an amazing place to get married. That just screams a terrific romantic setting.

Thanks to the Zelda series being so well-known for mini-games, there’s a variety of things to do if you want to enjoy yourselves on your beautiful romantic date. I have brought up a few like fishing and horseback, but you can also try your hand at archery, skydiving, hiking, mountain climbing, and so much more. If you’re the type that prefers a more active date before heading off to the primary romantic location, then there’s always going to be an activity for you.

Speaking of hiking, if you’re looking to add a bit of exercise to your date, then why not try the heights of Satori Mountain? Named after a great man, this mountain holds its own peaceful locale and quite possibly the most romantic setting in all of Breath of the Wild. On the way up the mountain, you can find a beautiful pond surrounded by lush cherry blossom trees in an alluring mist.

Even writer Heather Beard can contest to the majesty this serene area holds:

“My choice for most romantic place in Hyrule would be Satori Mountain, on a clear, cloudless night. I can imagine my husband and I sitting quietly under the cherry blossom tree anxiously wondering if the Lord of the Mountain would grace us with his presence; or hoping that some Blupees would come out to play. It’s a beautiful location that makes me think about the beauty of marriage and an everlasting love. I could sit under that tree with him forever.”

And there’s your look into the wonderful romantic settings that Hyrule can provide for you. There are a whole lot of locations that, once the evil’s been vanquished, would make for a very lovely place to go on a date. Let us know your ideal Hyrule romantic setting in the comments below!

Kristen G. Rosario is a Senior Editor here at Zelda Dungeon. If you want to see his alternate persona of a heel General Manager/Host, make sure to check out Cave of Trials every Sunday!

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