Symbols of the Dark TribeThe Dark Tribe. In my experience, it seems that most of the time Zelda fans don’t know what the Dark Tribe is. It’s a name that’s been repeated several times in Zelda history since A Link to the Past where it is believed to have been first mentioned. Throughout the series, references to ancient tribes, tribes of evil, or tribes that have dealt with shadows and darkness have happened frequently. Some fans have speculated on the nature and role of this group for a long time, as more and more games reference increasingly similar tribes.

I’ve always been fascinated with this “Dark Tribe”, and within the last couple of months I’ve done extensive research into the different references to them or groups that could be the same tribe. I’ve made my own connections and come to one conclusion: The Dark Tribe is an ancient enemy of The Legend of Zelda, one that is pivotal to the story and history of the series. They are the Illuminati of Zelda. Furthermore, I am convinced they will be the enemy faced in the events of Skyward Sword, and I brought this up a little bit in my last article, The Pale Figure: Skyward Sword’s New Character. I will get to detailing this in due time. First let’s look at the facts and examine them closely.

The History of the Dark Tribe

As I have already said, the “Dark Tribe” is believed to have been referenced many times throughout the series. There are a number of references to mysterious groups that use similar terms. More interesting is the similarities in theme. As I begin to list out the references that I know of, pay attention to the similar themes. Particularly, notice how many times we hear about darkness and shadows, mirrors, tridents, and significant eye patterns or designs.

AgahnimAs far as I know, the first real reference to what has now come to be known as the Dark Tribe was in A Link to the Past. In that game, Agahnim was one of the main enemies. He was a blue skinned man who wore the clothes of desert people adorned with the symbol of an eye. When the kingdom of Hyrule was threatened by horrible disasters, Agahnim appeared to make them go away, and for his deeds was named chief advisor to the King. Agahnim was later revealed to be a force for evil who served Ganon, and while confronting Link he gloats:

“After all, the legendary Hero cannot defeat us, the tribe of evil, when we are armed with the Power of Gold.”
Agahnim, A Link to the Past

The specific name “Dark Tribe” was first used much later in the series, but this was one of the first statements in Zelda to use terms that would seem to apply to them. But who is Agahnim referring to? He clearly served Ganon. Many even believe he was merely an extension of Ganon, not even a real person. So is the Tribe of Evil just him and Ganon? Or does this extend to the monsters of the Dark World? Or does this specifically reference the band of sorcerers who followed Ganondorf when he sought the Golden Power? The story of the Imprisoning War in A Link to the Past’s manual talks about a band of thieves skilled in Dark Magic, which included or was led by Ganondorf, who stole the Triforce, creating the Dark World and turning Ganondorf the King of Thieves into Ganon the King of Evil, the trident-wielding pig monster. It was also the first time a magical mirror was used in the Zelda series, which was the Magic Mirror Link used to return to the Light World when he was within the Dark World created by Ganon.

Entrance of the Shadow Temple: Notice the altar and the Sheikah eyeBongo Bongo, the Phantom Shadow BeastOcarina of Time did not mention the Dark Tribe, but it did seem to cover a sort of alternate origin story for Ganondorf. Ocarina of Time could be the Imprisoning War, a retelling, or maybe A Link to the Past is just an unrelated story that happens later. I don’t know. But it does add something to the subject of the Dark Tribe in that it marked the first appearance of both the Gerudo and the Sheikah. The Gerudo are a desert dwelling race of thieves of which Ganondorf is the king. This brings to mind both Agahnim’s desert garb and the band of thieves who served Ganondorf, although the Gerudo are not shown to wield magic aside from Ganondorf and Twinrova. The Sheikah on the other hand are the Shadow Folk. They are stated to be the shadows of the Hylians, who serve the Royal Family of Hyrule, and are shown to be knowledgeable in ancient arts, including magic. Their symbol is an eye with a single teardrop, one that is incredibly similar to the eye on Agahnim’s clothing. Furthermore, the Shadow Temple which the Sheikah pray in seems to be controlled by evil spirits who constantly reference Hyrule’s bloody history. Could either the Gerudo thieves of the desert or the enigmatic Sheikah of the shadow be connected to the “Tribe of Evil”? Could the Shadow Temple contain the souls of the ever hateful Dark Tribe? After all, Bongo Bongo, the morbid boss of the Temple, was a spirit of shadow and had a single, disturbing eye.

The second major reference to the Dark Tribe is in Majora’s Mask. In that game, you hear from the Happy Mask Salesman that the titular object was owned by an “Ancient Tribe”, which they used in their hexing rituals. Majora’s Mask has distinct eyes, its most striking feature. The Ancient Tribe feared the power of Majora’s Mask, so they sealed it in shadow and vanished. Majora’s Mask’s power is stated to be evil and wicked. So is that of Stone Tower Temple, a disturbing shrine built atop a tower in the Ikana region. Within the temple there are many depictions of Majora’s Mask itself. It is clear that this temple holds significance to Majora’s Mask, and as such, it likely is related to or built by this Ancient Tribe themselves. This is likely, as even the people of Ikana do not seem to know of the tower’s origins. Furthermore, Stone Tower Temple is to my knowledge the only place where an intact Triforce symbol appears (on the bottom of the blocks just outside the temple), which could relate to the Tribe of Evil’s seeking of the same power. Now, the idea of the Ancient Tribe being the Dark Tribe has problems because of Termina’s status as an alternate dimension, with alternate versions of the people of Hyrule, but I’ll get to that later in the article when I talk about my theories in detail.

Zuna Maleand FemaleThen there was Four Swords Adventures. This game was the first time we heard the name “Dark Tribe” specifically. This game took a lot of ideas and graphics straight from A Link to the Past, so it’s very possible this was intended to expand on the “Tribe of Evil” mentioned in the same game. It is especially apparent that the game references A Link to the Past when, in addition to the Gerudo, the game introduced another desert race called the Zuna. These desert people are robed and have green skin, and while Agahnim’s is blue, this still is a major similarity to him. Could the Dark Tribe originate from the desert, and be related to these Zuna?

Four Swords Adventures also has a special mirror, the Dark Mirror inside which the Dark Tribe was sealed. Prior to Four Swords Adventures, the Dark Tribe invaded Hyrule, and for it were sealed away. That mirror was said to bring to life the evil within a person, and ended up creating many Shadow Links which emerged from it. It was also located within the Temple of Darkness, which seems similar to the Shadow Temple. Four Swords Adventures had yet another tie to the Dark Tribe, which was the Trident, a powerful artifact which makes Ganon who he is:

Wielding the Trident, Ganon has become the new King of Darkness

“We grant you power to ruin the world. The power of darkness. Evil spirit of magic trident. You are the King of Darkness.”
Inscription on the Trident in Four Swords Adventures.

Ganondorf himself, a Gerudo man, stole the Trident from the pyramid built by the ancestors of the Zuna, breaking the law of the Gerudo in doing so. With the Trident, he became the new King of Darkness. It only makes sense that whoever wields the Trident is the King of Darkness and gains its power, and while the coincidence of the word “Darkness” is interesting, you can find virtually conclusive evidence that the previous King of Darkness led the Dark Tribe when you look at the Japanese names. In Four Swords Adventures, the King of Darkness is referred to as “yami no ō”, which literally means “king of darkness”. In the same game, the Dark Tribe is referred to as “yami no zoku”, which literally means “tribe of darkness”. Clearly the King must lead the Tribe when you take this into account.

In short, the Dark Tribe was led by Ganon’s predecessor.

The fourth and final major reference was in Twilight Princess, and this should be the one that people are most familiar with. Surely, if you’ve played Twilight Princess, you noticed some similarities between the backstory of the Twili and that of the Dark Tribe in Four Swords Adventures. In the past, before the events of Twilight Princess, the people of Hyrule fought over the Triforce, but then the Dark Interlopers appeared, represented in a dream-like sequence by Dark Links, and they use their sorcery and the Fused Shadow to defeat the others. They would have claimed the Triforce if not for the intervention of the Goddesses. Afterwards they were banished to the Twilight Realm with the Mirror of Twilight. Within the Twilight Realm, they became the Twili, people of shadow.

The history of the Dark Interlopers of Twilight Princess and the Dark Tribe of Four Swords Adventures is identical. That is incredibly fascinating, wouldn’t you agree? It gets better when you bring up the Fused Shadow. This item, aside from having an eye almost identical to those of Majora’s Mask and one on the back somewhat similar to the Sheikah eye or Vaati’s eye, has one other striking feature. When its full power is unleashed, the user transforms into a strange creature that wields a weapon like a trident. The Fused Shadow was the key artifact of the Dark Interlopers; it was the key to their power. And it seems that the Trident of the King of Darkness was much the same for the Dark Tribe.

The Dark Interlopers and the Twili gathered around the Fused Shadow

There are a couple of other interesting notes about Twilight Princess, as well. The Death Sword is a strange, evil, robed spirit fought in Arbiter’s Grounds, a tomb-like prison in the desert, and the location of the Mirror of Twilight. Its sword is adorned with blood-red runes, and the seal which keeps the sword from coming alive looks very similar to the disturbing seal outside the Shadow Temple. Could the Death Sword and Bongo Bongo be related? Perhaps they are both the cursed, monstrous spirits of long dead members of the Dark Tribe. Then there’s the dream sequence that the Light Spirit, Lanayru, shows Link. This sequence explains the story of the Dark Interlopers, but it represents them with Dark Links. Among them is a single normal Link that has blank white eyes. This would seem to imply that the influence of the Dark Tribe is corrupting, or that they indeed recruit many into their ranks.

That is the major history of the Dark Tribe. It is clear that the Dark Tribe and the Dark Interlopers are one and the same. The Ancient Tribe of Majora’s Mask and the Tribe of Evil of A Link to the Past have some potential to be different, but the similarities in themes and terms used would seem to imply otherwise. It is also interesting how the story of the Dark Interlopers has several parallels with the story of the thieves who wielded dark magic who sought the Triforce. Then there’s the Fused Shadow’s similarities to Majora’s Mask.

Veran and both Vaati's human and monster formsThere are a couple of other things in the series that could have relation to the Dark Tribe. I will only note them briefly, though, as they are not that significant. For one, nearly all the villains of the series have been sorcerers of some kind. There was an evil wizard in Adventure of Link, then there was Vaati the Wind Mage, and Veran the Sorceress of Shadows. An interesting note about Vaati is his thematic focus on eyes, and his similarities to the Final Nightmare of Link’s Awakening. It seems to be a trend that the villains of Zelda wield magic. Could this mean that the Dark Tribe and their magic is the root of all the evil forces of the Zelda series, who have carried on their legacy? Then there’s Malladus in Spirit Tracks, a villain almost identical to Ganon who is identified as the Demon King. In Four Swords Adventures, Ganon becomes a pig upon obtaining the Trident, after which he is called the reincarnation of the King of Darkness, or Ancient Demon Reborn. Timeline-wise, any connection there PROBABLY doesn’t make sense, but it is still interesting.

This is basically all that is known about the Dark Tribe or things that would seem to relate to them from the Zelda series. Now let’s move on to my theories and conclusions about the true nature of the Dark Tribe.

The Truth?

The Dark Interlopers and a corrupted LinkThe Dark Tribe is not a terribly common subject in Zelda discussion, but just the same, many people have tried to figure out more about them. Some people think the Dark Tribe is the Dark Interlopers. Others think it may be the Sheikah, the Zuna, and some have even thought it could be the Garo (myself included, in the past). But what race is the real Dark Tribe? I think it could easily be not a race, but an organization, or at least a group made up of mainly one race that occasionally enlists others. This would explain why the descriptions and themes of the Dark Tribe seem to apply to the Twili, the Zuna, the Gerudo, and the Sheikah. It would also explain how in Twilight Princess it depicts the Dark Interlopers seemingly corrupting normal people.

The exact nature of the Dark Tribe’s construction is hard to ascertain, but I think the notion of them functioning as an organization with a specific purpose or goal makes sense. They clearly attacked Hyrule as one unit, and unless they were stupid this would have to be an organized effort. If the Tribe of Evil is the Dark Tribe, then clearly they sought the Triforce together. Then there’s Majora’s Mask. Is the Ancient Tribe the Dark Tribe? I think there’s enough reason to think so. Why would Nintendo create another mysterious tribe that utilized evil magic powers and dealt in darkness yet intend them to be completely separate? One could say that the Ancient Tribe sounds more religious, but to use an ancient artifact as a part of your rituals then discard it because its too dangerous sounds more like weighing pros and cons and trying to attain a goal. Then the question becomes, is the Ancient Tribe an alternate version of the Dark Tribe like the rest of the people of Termina, or can the Dark Tribe cross dimensions? I think it is the latter. Both the Skull Kid and the Happy Mask Salesman were shown to have the knowledge of how to travel between Hyrule and Termina. I think if these two characters, neither of which are very powerful, could figure out how, then a power-hungry organization that deals in collecting powerful arcane artifacts like the Fused Shadow or Triforce certainly could, and indeed would seek out such a thing. As such, I believe it likely that the Dark Tribe of Hyrule and the Dark Tribe of Termina met and became one, and they discarded Majora’s Mask simply because, despite its great power, it was too dangerous to control.

This entire nature of the Dark Tribe is fascinating. They are an unknown and secret group, working in the shadows and seemingly have their hands in many of the plots against the people of Hyrule. They gather artifacts and weapons and seek great power and control over everything. It sounds very similar to the modern theoretical idea of the “Illuminati”, a supposed secret society of powerful individuals who control most of the world. I believe that the Dark Tribe serve as Zelda’s Illuminati. The word means “enlightened”, and perfectly describes the knowledge- and power-seeking sorcerers. It’s an especially nice comparison when you realize that an eye on a pyramid is a popular symbol for the Illuminati, and both eyes and a pyramid have been shown to be crucial to the Dark Tribe.

The Eye of Providence, a popular symbol for the Illuminati, compared with the eye of Majora's Mask and the Pyramid

One interesting thing to note is all of the races that have been equated with the Dark Tribe are somehow declining or have descended from another race. The Twili are NOT the Dark Interlopers, but rather their descendants who adapted to the Twilight Realm. The Zuna are peaceful desert-dwellers, who have descended from the ones who built the Pyramid where the Trident was kept, strongly implying that they have changed from their ancestors. And the Sheikah serve the Royal Family of Hyrule and have a declining bloodline, both of which are just odd in general.

The Sheikah Eye compared with (going counter-clockwise starting from the top) Vaati's eye, the eye on Agahnim's clothes, and the eye on Ganondorf's door in The Wind WakerI think it is possible that whether the Dark Tribe was one race or several, they have had many descendants since their defeat from invading Hyrule; they have splintered. They gathered power in secret beforehand, and then set their sights on the ultimate prize, the Triforce of the Gods. But from this they were denied, and while many were banished to the Twilight Realm and became the Twili, some remained and became one or more of the many races often thought to be them. Perhaps the Sheikah sought to redeem themselves by serving the Royal Family, the Zuna by living peacefully, and the Twili by making the most out of their banishment and becoming a better people. Still, if so many peaceful tribes descended from the Dark Tribe, what are the chances that some of the evil ones escaped punishment as well?

While on the subject of the Sheikah, it’s worth taking a brief look at their symbol, the eye design. This is yet another eye in the Zelda series, one that looks very similar to Agahnim’s and even Vaati’s. It is also a symbol that seems to appear all over the place after Ocarina of Time, which may have only been intended as a reference to the Sheikah. But could this mean that the Sheikah WERE the Dark Tribe or a part of the Dark Tribe, and their eye symbol was used by many people later in time who didn’t know what it really meant or recognized that it represented magic power? This is especially supported by the symbol appearing on the door to Ganondorf’s room at the top of the Forsaken Fortress in The Wind Waker.

This all still leaves a perplexing question though. What do the Dark Tribe have to do with Ganon and the desert?

The history of the Dark Tribe would seem to completely line up until you bring up the first time they were mentioned. Agahnim’s “Tribe of Evil”, which was most likely a reference to Ganondorf’s tribe of dark magic wielding thieves from the desert who stole the Triforce. All the other mentions of the Dark Tribe seem to work together pretty well, even the Ancient Tribe from Majora’s Mask. But the Tribe of Evil from A Link to the Past seems to contradict a lot of other information. Could it truly be an unrelated thing not intended to reference the Dark Tribe? Or could these problems simply be because this was the first time the Dark Tribe was mentioned and they hadn’t fleshed them out yet?

Ganondorf: The new leader of the Dark Tribe?Attempting to connect the facts about the Tribe of Evil into what we’ve already established, there are a few workable theories. Perhaps the Dark Tribe originally was from the desert, or at the very least made it their main base of operations. This would make sense, as it is remote, desolate, and rarely traveled. Since in the Zelda games the desert is always on the edge of the land or even sometimes considered its own land, beyond its borders could be other unknown kingdoms, and perhaps the Dark Tribe truly hails from one of these. The connection with the desert would seem to match up with the Zuna and the Pyramid, and the location of the Mirror of Twilight in Twilight Princess. So the major question is Ganondorf. In Four Swords Adventures, he stole the Trident that belonged to the Dark Tribe, thus becoming the new King of Darkness. If he inherited the power of the Dark Tribe’s leader, then why is it implied that he leads the Dark Tribe prior to A Link to the Past, which shows him leading the “Tribe of Evil” that we equate with them? Was this a splinter group of the Dark Tribe that Ganondorf led, was Ganondorf a member of them at some point or briefly worked alongside them as a leader of one group? Or did Ganondorf inherit or use the tribe after the original owner of the Trident perished? That last one seems probable since A Link to the Past takes place after the Dark Tribe’s initial defeat, but whatever the case, Ganon is clearly the new force of evil in Hyrule, even if the origins of his power may have been with the Dark Tribe.

Clearly there are several things left unexplained, but I believe this to be the general nature of the Dark Tribe. I think most of these are very reasonable conclusions, at least if you believe that all of these references to dark or evil tribes are the one same Dark Tribe. And now we move on to Skyward Sword, and how I believe the Dark Tribe will relate heavily to this game. If you know enough about what’s been revealed of Skyward Sword’s plot already, perhaps you’ve already begun to see where I’m going with this.

The Enemy of Skyward Sword

The Triforce in the Golden Land, sought by the Dark TribeSkyward Sword has been confirmed to take place prior to Ocarina of Time, the first major game on the timeline (which despite popular theories in the past, has been confirmed to be true from recent developer quotes). Due to the kinds of events that have been confirmed to happen in Skyward Sword and the differences between the game’s world and the world of Ocarina of Time, it has to take place a long time ago. As I have mentioned earlier in this article, the event involving the Dark Tribe that is most significant is their invasion of Hyrule, which had to have happened a long time before any of the current Zelda games. Remember Nintendo stating that in Skyward Sword, the land below Skyloft is ruled by some kind of evil force? Furthermore, the battle described in Twilight Princess where the Dark Interlopers attempted to seize the Triforce is similar to the war which supposedly unified Hyrule ten years before Ocarina of Time, and though ten years is not much time, the war could have gone on for far longer or the time gaps may be changed to fit in with the new story of Skyward Sword. If this is true, Skyward Sword will likely show the Dark Tribe’s attack on Hyrule, and the subsequent formation of the Royal Family of Hyrule. It is likely the Royal Family will be formed in order to protect the Triforce, after the Dark Tribe attempted to take it for themselves. It’s even possible we will see the origin of the Hero’s Clothes that Link always wears. After all, the Dark Tribe has been commonly portrayed as Dark Links, so what if the Hero’s Clothes originate from the Link of Skyward Sword stealing the armor of a Dark Tribe warrior? An interesting thought, at least.

Then there’s the Skyward Sword itself. It has been confirmed it will become the Master Sword somehow, at some point. The Skyward Sword has also been confirmed to contain some kind of living consciousness that speaks to Link, as well as the ability to travel between Hyrule and Skyloft. Neither of these are traits that the Master Sword possesses, meaning that it loses these powers. By definition, this means the Skyward Sword will be weakened during the events of Skyward Sword. So what could depower the Skyward Sword? Two things would seem the most likely to me. Either it comes up against an evil more powerful than it or its power must be sacrificed for some purpose. Both of which imply that it will be a strong force that must be fought in the game. What could be stronger than Ganon whom is constantly defeated by the Master Sword but the Dark Tribe, perhaps even Ganon’s predecessor? Remember that Majora’s Mask threatened to destroy the entire world of Termina, and the completed Fused Shadow was too powerful to be controlled by Midna, and when the Dark Interlopers used it to seize the Triforce, the Goddesses themselves intervened. How many times have the Goddesses done this? Clearly, the Dark Tribe possesses immense power, so the idea of them overpowering even the Skyward Sword is very likely.

Even if you don’t consider these things, the Dark Tribe’s nature as a manipulative force behind the scenes fits perfectly with the prequel nature of Skyward Sword in general. If you’re going to discuss the history of a story, why not show the face of the enemies who have manipulated everything or at least had involvement? The Dark Tribe has been mentioned throughout the Zelda series; clearly their reach is far, and they must be very old to attain such power. Thus among all Zelda villains, they make the most logical choice as the main villains for Skyward Sword (even more so than Ganon, who has already had his origins explained twice and was clearly born a long time after Skyward Sword anyway). It’s a perfect fit for Nintendo to use Zelda’s Illuminati as the villains of the game that covers the series’ history.

The King of DarknessI suspect that the Dark Tribe themselves will be antagonists of the game, whereas the main villain himself will be the King of Darkness before Ganon. He will likely be similar to Ganon and appear as a pig monster, since Ganondorf only became the pig, Ganon, after acquiring the Trident. Hell, they could even make him Ganon’s father or ancestor and things would still work.

On the note of having a pig monster appear as the villain, it’s worth bringing up the Moblins and Bokoblins. Skyward Sword trailers have shown both creatures, and from what we’ve seen it’s reasonable to suggest that they will be the primary enemy type of the game, as they were in The Wind Waker. While Bokoblins were recently introduced to the series, they are identical to Moblins, whom in the earliest games were said to have served Ganon and even were created by him in his image. This was contradicted in The Minish Cap somewhat, in that Vaati controlled the Moblins. But I find it likely they were only used because they were a major aspect of The Wind Waker’s artstyle, which The Minish Cap was trying to mimic. They also could possibly still be controlled by Vaati in Ganon’s absence provided The Minish Cap is no longer the first game on the timeline, which Nintendo has recently confirmed to be true. So, in Skyward Sword, perhaps we will discover that the Moblins and Bokoblins were not created by Ganon, but by his equally pig-like predecessor.

The new character and his teleport compared with Midna and hersMore recently, in the GDC 2011 trailer for Skyward Sword, some more compelling evidence has appeared to support my theory. I have believed that the Dark Tribe will be the villains of Skyward Sword for a while now, but with this trailer we may have been show evidence which supports my theory heavily: The new character. While I still support the possibility of it being merely a redesign of the Skyward Sword itself, which I wrote about in my last article, his similarities to the Dark Tribe cannot be ignored. Because of this, the theory that he is of the Dark Tribe is becoming more and more appealing to me.

As I began to go over last article, he seems like he probably is a member of the Dark Interlopers prior to banishment to the Twilight Realm, which we now know means he is a member of the Dark Tribe. He looks somewhat like a Twili, though not dark like they are, and even resembles Vaati or a Sheikah. His teleport is identical to that of Zant or Midna, merely with a bright, shining effect rather than the dark one of the Twili. He is shown to possess magic powers. It also seems in the trailer that he may appear to taunt Link, then set the golden statue against him, which is very similar to how Zant revived Stallord in Twilight Princess. There are even dark clouds surrounding the boss in the following battle segments. All of these traits suggest he is a member of the Dark Tribe.

Granted, I still don’t think this character is the primary villain. I think the chance of them showing us the main villain of the game in only the second trailer is unbelievably unlikely. This means that if he is a member of the Dark Tribe, he is not the leader, but one of the various sorcerers in its ranks who will likely appear throughout the game. Some of the Dark Tribe will probably drift apart from the group and end up helping Hyrule, likely those who would become the Sheikah or the Zuna. It will be interesting to see exactly how the story plays out.

I think that ultimately, Skyward Sword will indeed cover the Dark Tribe’s invasion of Hyrule. They will invade Hyrule seeking the Triforce and either they themselves, some benevolent sorcerer, or the Goddesses, will be the ones to separate Hyrule and Skyloft. During the Dark Tribe’s period of control over Hyrule, the Goddesses will grant the people of Skyloft the Skyward Sword, allowing Link the power to combat the Dark Tribe. This would be an almost exact description of the story of the Dark Interlopers’ rise to power and subsequent defeat by the Goddesses. Additionally, if you like the idea of the Dark Tribe creating the Moblins, then what if they created many of the monsters that threaten Hyrule? If this is the case, then the story of this game could even match up with the backstory of The Minish Cap where a hero received a sword and powerful light from the Picori in the sky to defeat the evil darkness, and if it does that could make the Link of Skyward Sword the Hero of Men. The only issue with that being that the Skyward Sword is confirmed to become the Master Sword, not the Four Sword like in The Minish Cap’s story, though the two stories are incredibly similar as both blades are “enshrined with care” at some point. Or perhaps The Minish Cap truly takes place far later on the timeline than previously thought, and in actuality the Picori Blade is what the Master Sword will eventually become. Regardless, we’ll have to see how Nintendo intends to connect the timeline after Skyward Sword.

Link battles the power of the Dark Tribe

A lot of the details about the Dark Tribe connect very nicely, but there are still holes and missing pieces of information, so mine isn’t a perfect theory. I still believe it makes a lot of sense, and expect to see some form of it appear in Skyward Sword. Even if it raises questions along with those it answers, that happens in every Zelda game. The series’ timeline is very flawed and no matter what timeline connections you make, you almost always will have to ignore certain things or make educated guesses to make it work. When you factor this in, my theory becomes far more plausible.

It is also clear that the Dark Tribe was probably not originally intended to be what it has become in the most recent games. Both A Link to the Past and Majora’s Mask seem to reference the Dark Tribe using somewhat unusual terms when you compare them to Four Swords Adventures or Twilight Princess. If the Four Swords Adventures story of the Dark Tribe had stayed in that game only, we might not be taking it seriously now or perhaps not even considered it fully canon. But the fact that Nintendo chose to confirm it in a second game with Twilight Princess is significant, and clearly that makes the Dark Tribe tie into key event of Hyrule’s history; the kind of events we will see in Skyward Sword.

But what do you think of the Dark Tribe and my theories? Do you agree with my connection of the facts, or did you come to a different conclusion? Can you spot any issues with my theory that I could not, or do you like the idea and also find it to be plausible? I have always found the subject of the Dark Tribe fascinating and would love to see them finally elaborated upon in Skyward Sword. I will continue to love this secret society of power, dark magic, and evil, and their awesome role as the secret enemy of the Zelda world. What about you?

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