In commemoration of Tears of the Kingdom‘s one-year anniversary, Nintendo of America has announced via a post on X that they will be rolling out Tears of the Kingdom icons for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. These icons, some of which were made available earlier this year, feature the characters Link, Zelda, King Rauru, Queen Sonia, Ganondorf, and a Korok, as well as a variety of elements such as borders and backgrounds. This comes following the release of A Link to the Past icons earlier this month.

For ten My Nintendo Platinum Points each, these icons can be yours. Platinum Points are acquired by completing missions on NSO. Missions include activities such as playing certain games, playing game trials, or backing up your save data.

The icons will be released in two waves over the course of two weeks. Wave One icons will be available until Monday, May 20th. Wave Two icons will be available until Monday, May 27th. Be sure to get them before time runs out!

Will you be getting any of these icons for yourself? Did you do anything to commemorate Tears of the Kingdom‘s one-year anniversary? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo

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