Nick Miller

    Junior Editor

    Location: York, PA
    Favorite Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Date Joined: May 2023

    by small and simple things are great things brought to pass

    Nick is a volunteer writer for Zelda Dungeon and a longtime Zelda fan. In his free time he enjoys fishing, archery, classic rock, skateboarding, and some good ol’ fashioned family time. He is an advocate for physical media and an avid video game collector.

    Nick’s introduction to the Zelda series was with Ocarina of Time. He had never even heard of Zelda before that fateful day, or 3D games for that matter, and was instantly hooked. Zelda turned video games from a passive hobby into a lifelong passion for Nick. His favorite Zelda game may be Ocarina of Time, but Breath of the Wild and Link’s Awakening HD are close contenders.

    In addition to Zelda, his other favorite series are Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario, Ratchet & Clank, Castlevania, and Fallout.

    Nick began writing as a means of self-expression because he has a bit of a stutter and can’t always express his thoughts through speech. In 2022 he started a Facebook group, Throwback Classics Gaming, as an outlet to post game reviews, analysis, and any other gaming related content. Check out the group if you want to see some of his non-Zelda content.

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