A part of her had known this day would come. It was destined to. And still, even knowing that… She was sad. Gone would be the days of walking amongst the woods; of laughing with the forest and exploring the leaves. There would be no more time to get lost and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Everything was about to change.

She had known the very first time that she had laid eyes on him that theirs was a friendship that would run a finite course. That was what compelled her to him in the first place. From that first glance, she could tell that his destiny was one too big for the Forest to contain. That even though he was here now, he would never truly belong. Fate would have other plans for him. Just as it would for her.

It wasn’t something she could explain or rationalize. It was just something that she knew. She knew that, even though she looked like everyone else and had a fairy like everyone else, she was… different. She knew that one day, destiny would call. That she hadn’t been living a life as much as waiting for her purpose. And just as her friend now knew his destiny; his purpose… She now knew hers.

This would be one of the last times that she ever saw him. Maybe the last. And although she knew that fate wouldn’t allow them to exist side by side, she wanted to give him something to remember her by. Something for making those days of not living, of just waiting for her purpose, so special. Something for knowing the burden and the hardships that they would each face someday, but having the courage to keep going. Something for being there all those years.

And so she resolved to give him her Ocarina. It wasn’t much, but it was all she had. A piece of her for him to keep. Something to remind him that, even though their destinies had taken them down different roads, that no matter what, she would always be… his friend.

Andy Spiteri is the Editor-In-Chief of Zelda Dungeon. He runs the Inspired By Zelda series and The Champions’ Cast. You can give him a shout over on Twitter!

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