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The Sun’s Song is Directly Related to the Song of Time

sun Zelda Theorist RMFH decided to dig into the history of Sun’s Song to find out why its composers, Sharp and Flat, were able to create such a powerful set of notes. He found that the brothers were meant to study the powers of the Royal Family, and might’ve been given access to the Song of Time in order to further their research thus making the Sun’s Song a relative of the Song of Time, with one added bonus– the power of light. Watch RMFH’s video on the significance of the Sun’s Song after the jump!

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Zelda Theory: Origin of ReDeads

ReDead_paralisando_y_apunto_de_atacar_a_Link ReDeads are a Zelda fan’s childhood nightmare. Most times, when we’re forced to face these terrifying zombie-like creatures, it’s hack and slash and then get the hell out of there. But haven’t you ever wondered what exactly a ReDead is? Are they the corpses of unfortunate Hylians, or are they something more sinister, born of dark magic? YouTube user and Zelda theorist ZeldaConqueror is certain that he has the answer. Make the jump to check out his video and see what he has to say!

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Zelda Theory: Could The Cursed Skulltulla Really Be Sheikah?

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 6.34.43 AMThe Zelda Conqueror’s YouTube channel recently released his latest Zelda theory. This theory pertains to the cursed Skulltulla family that resides in Kakariko Village in Ocarina of Time. Who really is this family of tortured souls, who were they before this terrible fate befell them? These are the questions that are pondered in this latest Zelda theory. To help save this poor family Link is tasked with a quest to find every golden skulltulla in the game, totaling 100. As you collect more and more golden skulltulla’s you can return to the cursed families home and turn them in, as you do more and more of the family members will have the curse lifted from them. Once the curse has been lifted each one offers you a reward, one of those rewards is the Stone of Agony… strange indeed! Where did this stone come from, and could the stone have been created by the Sheikah? Does that mean that the family could have been Sheikah before they were cursed? Want to find out more? Jump on in past the break and see what you think of this Zelda theory.

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Zelda Theory: What Happened To The Deku Tree?

Great-Deku-TreeIn The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time we are introduced to The Great Deku Tree, the Guardian of the Forest, he stands watch over all of his surroundings protecting all the creatures and beings that lie within his lush green forest. Sadly, The Great Deku tree has been cursed and although child Link battles fearlessly to save him, it was too late for this great “Shepard of the Forest”. We then see him again in The Wind Waker acting as the Guardian of the Forest Haven, here he is a father figure to the adorable little creatures by his side. But what happened to The Great Deku Tree in the time between these events and after? Join Dr. Wily in one of his latest Zelda Theories after the break.

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Zelda Theory Majora’s Darkest Secret

3DS_ZeldaMajora's Mask_1107_10We have shared many different Zelda theories with you over time and some of them have come from the very talented GameOverJesse. One of his latest Zelda theories takes us to the events in Majora’s Mask and tickles our brains with what secrets that dark, looming moon that hangs over Termina could hold. Could Majora never really have intended to destroy Termina but to deliver upon it a fate even more horrible? Why does the inside of the moon look like the way it does? Join GameOverJesse and guest, NintendoBoxYT in pondering these questions and a few more.

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Zelda Theory: Five Stages of Grief

MM The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is probably one of the deepest, most meaningful and, in some respects, maybe even the darkest game of the Zelda franchise despite it’s seemingly happy ending. There are several different theories circulating the game’s story, one of which we’ve all probably heard a few different opinions on, in which Link is cycling through the five stages of grief during his time in Termina. The concept has been tackled by a number of theorists, and sometimes its difficult to keep track of the real interpretation between Termina and the five stages of grief. However, we’re bringing back Vortex from her YouTube channel VortexxyGaming to not only allow her to spell out the theory for us, but to help us better understand whether it’s a valid theory or not. Make the jump to hear what Vortex has to say.

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Volvagia’s Origin Theory from Youtuber GameOverJesse


Check out this awesome theory from Zelda Youtuber GameOverJesse, exploring the possibilities of Volvagia’s origin! Delving into the flaming Dragon’s lore as explained in Ocarina of Time, and from there attempting to trace back it’s fiery history! Make the jump to check out the theory.





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Zelda Theory: Malon’s Secret Crush

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.17.08 PMDo you ever wonder about the life of recurring characters within The Legend of Zelda franchise? What happens to these characters in the space of time that spans each game they are featured in? One of the characters that has been heavily debated about is Malon; more specifically could she actually harbor secret feelings for our hero? What if they have a relationship that extends beyond what we have seen within the games? These questions are the basis of some of the theories that You Tube channel, Dr. Willy discusses in his latest Zelda Theory video. Head past the break and see if you agree with some of his conclusions about the relationship between Link and Malon.

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Zelda Theory: Link’s Darkest Secret

Twilight PrincessOur green clad hero has seen many trials and tribulations during his life times, he has felt great grief and loss in his many quests to save the people and land that he loves. Would that not change you? Can you really go through all that pain and suffering and not come out a changed individual on the other end? What has happened to our hero as he embarks on his many guests, Is Link really a friend or foe to the Hylian people? Most importantly what happened to the Hylian people without their Hero of Time, what dark secret could our hero really be hiding? These are the types of questions M. Productions has taken on in their latest Zelda Theory video recently uploaded to YouTube. Head past the break if you want to know more!

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Skyward Sword – Twilight Princess Speculation

How do you think Skyward Sword will connect with the rest of the Zelda games in the series? We obviously know that it is a prequel to Ocarina of Time and that it will deal with forging of the Master Sword. What about its connection to later Zelda titles in the Zelda Timeline like Twilight Princess? We’ve seen that the lettering in some of the shots seems to go hand in hand with Twilight Princess, but we really don’t know much at all. Forum member An Hero of Time from over at Zelda Universe has recently created an image speculating on some things he noticed between Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess.

If you click the image to the left, or simply just read on in the story, you can view a larger version of the image. When looking at the first part of the image, I think the bird symbol appearing as the Hero’s Shade’s helmet is nothing worth noting at all. Similarly, the third part of the image comparing the Skyward Sword logo to the body doesn’t seem important to me either. The bird-like mask on the body of the Hero’s Shade does seem to be something unique. I honestly never noticed that at all before and now that I see it, it appears to have a resemblance to the hawkeye item that you get in Twilight Princess. Why would the Hero’s Shade have such a symbol on his body?

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Legend of Zelda Timeline: Developer’s Timeline Quotes

Zelda TimeilneOver the years, Zelda theorists alike have attempted to piece together the Legend of Zelda timeline by pulling from an assortment of various sources including the actual games, the game manuals, translations of the Japanese versions of the text, and of course, quotes made by the developer’s of the Zelda games. Often times there are so many developer’s quotes that seemingly contradict one another, and it can be so hard to keep track of them all. Well, here at Zelda Dungeon, we’re trying make things simple for all the enthusiastic Zelda Theorists, as we have created a Developer Timeline Quotes page, highlighting most of the significant quotes made by the game developers in regards to the storyline and timeline.

Each quote listed showcases the main topic it discusses, the actual quote, when it was said, where it was said, a link to the source where you can get the full context of the quote, and a summary and analysis of the meaning of each quote. It really is a comprehensive listing and I surely hope Zelda Theorists out there find it to be quite useful. If you are brand new to the Zelda Theorizing world, such material might seem rather meaningless to you. However, if you do have interest in learning more about the theory world of Zelda, be sure to check out our Zelda Theory Forum over at our message boards.

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