Bit of a doozy of a discussion video this time around! In this video I go over the news from the recent interview with Aonuma and all the storyline details and other news we’ve gotten from it, but it’s a lot, so the video is a little over 14 minutes long! If you feel the need to skip anything there’s timeskips provided below:

(01:15) – The Boarding school and Link and Zelda being classmates.
(03:28) – Skyloft’s character interaction being like Clock Town from Majora’s Mask.
(05:38) – Link’s rival classmate who constantly reappears throughout the game.
(06:46) – Collecting cool items early on in the game.
(08:22) – The importance of Link’s “special” red bird.
(09:43) – Ghirahim’s progression throughout the game.
(11:24) – Ganondorf’s mentions in the interview.

In the video I basically go over my thoughts on all of these elements, most of them plot-related, and give my thoughts and speculations as to what they could mean and how they could impact the game. Obviously the two most major (and heavily related) bits are that Link and Zelda will be classmates in some kind of Skyloft boarding school, and also that Skyloft and its characters will change throughout the game as you constantly return to this hub area and its townsfolk will have constant involvement in the story. I also was fascinated by this idea of a rival character and go into that quite a bit as well. Finally, there was some mention of collecting items and weapons differently, of the importance of Link’s “special” red bird, and of Ghirahim and Ganondorf, so of course I took some time to talk about them as well. I hope you enjoy!

So how about you? What are your thoughts on all of this new information? The school? Skyloft? The rival? Getting items early? Link’s bird? Ghirahim? Ganon? How do you feel about my take on these things? Tell me in the comments!

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