Welcome back friends, and hope you’re enjoying your long weekend (if you hail from Canada like a certain someone who makes these posts)! We’re still feeling the aftermath of E3, which quite frankly has left us creatively bankrupt, so this week we decided it would be nice to have the listeners do the hard work and supply us with a bunch of questions!

That’s right, the mailbag is back, and we’re tackling everything from Zelda getting captured all the time, our favorite Dark Horse Zelda books, the future of 2D Zelda, did Breath of the Wild really hamper Mass Effect Andromeda, explaining why Mipha is a great character, and much more! Make sure to check it out below!

Also – check out the Zelda Dungeon store on teespring to grab some of that sweet swag we were plugging on the show! It’s for a great cause and you’ll look cool! Win-win!

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