Last year saw the public debut of life-sized Link and Ganondorf statues based on the characters’ appearances in Tears of the Kingdom. Link saw his reveal shortly before the release of Tears of the Kingdom, with Ganondorf surfacing last November. Now, the lineup of the game’s big three is finally complete, with the recent reveal of the final player!

Here Princess Zelda makes her debut, coinciding with the recent Zelda orchestra concert, completing the trio. The union of these statues was originally planned for Nintendo Live 2024 in Tokyo, prior to the event’s cancellation. Like the former two, Zelda carries the same design as her amiibo.

Nintendo’s up-close look at the three reveals masterfully captured likenesses with impeccable detail. Hopefully these statues make the move to Nintendo stores in other regions so more can admire them in person.

What do you think of these statues? Do you think they’ll come to Nintendo stores some day, or remain exclusive to events? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo

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