In the latest Mas’ Zelda Collection video I take a look at the two different versions of A Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo, as well as all the goodies found inside. Much like the NES Zelda titles, A Link to the Past came with some nice goodies, including a huge foldout map, a very detailed instruction manual with a backstory, and a small ‘Top Secrets’ FAQ.

A Link to the Past originally released in the United States in April of 1992. Four years later it re-released as a Player’s Choice title with slightly different artwork on the box and cartridge. However, the actual game and virtually everything else about it was left unchanged. A Link to the Past was just such a popular game at the time and back during the SNES days, games had much longer longevity. Even four years after its release, there was still high demand, so Nintendo made a second run of the game in what I believe is one of the first Player’s Choice Nintendo titles ever. You can go ahead and make the jump to see the video embed of the latest collection video.

A Link to the Past can still be purchased today in its boxed form on ebay for about $40 or $50. This is still a great deal, considering many Super Nintendo games cost up to $59.99 back when they originally released. So even after 20 years of inflation, you can still pickup A Link to the Past for a cheaper amount now than back then. Alternatively, the game is available for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, selling for 800 Wii Points, or $8.

Rarity: Common
Price: $40-$50

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