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Jazz music and Zelda games. The combination may seem strange, but they mix surprisingly well, at least in the case of YouTube music group The Consouls (ha, see what you did there). The Consouls decided to do a jazz remix of the Dark World theme from A Link to the Past

Before anybody asks, I love A Link to the Past. I’d have to be an idiot not to appreciate its grandeur and its stature as one of the greatest and most influential games of all time. This game is the very definition of classic, and it stands as strongly today as it did on its release, over twenty-two years ago. People still beg, daily, for a remake on the 3DS, even more so since the release of its sequel last November. I believe this to be a terrible, terrible idea. A re-release for the game, perhaps bundled with Zelda U or any future titles, would be excellent, as would some kind of Zelda Mega Collection, in the vein of the Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition for the Nintendo GameCube. A new release for the 3DS or Wii U Virtual Console would be perhaps even more welcome. But a fully-fledged remake would be, in my eyes, one of the biggest mistakes in Nintendo’s history.

If you’re looking for something nice to complement your Wind Waker HD Wii U Bundle, then you’re going to want to check out this fan-made, Zelda-themed Super Nintendo. From NintendoAge user Zoki64, this beautiful custom console is starting at $150 and will end up going out to the highest bidder, with the auction closing on November 3rd at 3:00pm (NA site time EDT/GMT-4).

The console’s pretty damn sleek with a nice gold finish and a little bit of sparkle. The colors are all

Zelda, and the controllers have a nice Triforce printed in the middle.

Head past the jump for a video showing off the console and a full list of the auction’s rules.

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