Just a day after GameTrailers.com released their analysis of the Spirit Tracks trailer, the guys over at IGN have done the same. The IGN rewind team takes a look at the trailer and points out various pieces of the trailer, in a similar way that the GameTrailers.com video did. This video however, provides audio commentary and the commentators rewind and fast forward throughout the video, point out all the key features. Be sure to check it out. I’ve embedded it right here at the site. If you’d like the higher quality format, click ‘PLAY HI-RES’ and it will take you to IGN’s site. Alternatively you can watch it right here at the site, just be sure to click ‘WIDESCREEN’ to get a better view of it.

With the release of this newest video, we have updated some of our Spirit Tracks sections, including the addition of a videos section as well as a screenshots section. Be sure to take a look at all our latest Spirit Tracks pages, and remember, Zelda Dungeon is your Spirit Tracks Headquarters.

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