Spirit Tracks Items
Below, you'll find an item guide, listing all of items that have been seen within screenshots and trailers of Spirit Tracks. The information listed below is incomplete and will be updated as more information becomes available. For full context as to where and when you find each item, be sure to check out the Spirit Tracks Walkthrough.

Items List

Hyrule Castle
Sword  - Link's trusty sword is a staple in the Legend of Zelda franchise. Link can first aquire the sword from Russell, the .

Locomo Sword
Spirit Train
 - Link is given the Lokomo Sword after completing the Sand Temple. It is given to Link by Anjean. It is a divine blade that is usually only used by the Spirits and it is needed to defeat the Demon King.

Shield  - Link's not so sturdy shield will allow him to block and deflect most enemy attacks. The shield can be first purchased in the Hyrule Castle Town shop, but can also be found in shops all across Hyrule. Be careful around Like-Like enemies, as they will swallow up Link's shield if they get ahold of it!

Shield of Antiquity
Aboda Village
 - Link can aquire the Shield of Antiquity after gathering 10 stamps in the Stamp Book. This shield is the same shield wielded by the Hero of Winds 100 years ago! It's much sturdier and cannot be swallowed up by Like-Like's. To find out how to collect 10 stamps, check out our Stamp Stations guide.

Forest Temple
Whirlwind  - This Whirlwind is a brand new item found within the first dungeon. The whirlwind is shaped like a propeller that can shoot out gusts of wind at various enemies, items, and other things to provide a variety of results. In order to use the whirlwind, Link must aim with his stylus, which creates a small yellow beam of light in the direction he is amazing. Once he locks on to his target, you must blow into the Nintendo DS microphone and this will sent out a gust towards whatever it is Link is aiming at.

The whirlwind has quite a diverse range of uses. It can be used to defeat enemies by blowing things towards them, such as spiked balls, or even other enemies. It can also be used to clear paths of purple fog that block Link's way. The whirlwind is also useful in aquiring unreachable items and solving puzzles. Link can create whirlwinds and then send them to unreachable platforms, and it may blow whatever is on the platform to an area where Link can get tp. This commonly occurs when there are small keys in center platforms that Link cannot reach. Lastly, the whirlwind is used for hitting switches or turning certain objects in order to solve puzzles. Link can send whirlwinds across pits in order to hit switches on the other side, which will create a bridge for Link to cross.

Snow Temple
Boomerang  - The boomerang makes a return in Spirit Tracks and works identically to how it did within Phantom Hourglass. The boomerang is the dungeon item in the second dugneon, Snow Temple. When Link has the boomerang equipped, you can draw a path with stylus, and this will fling the boomerang along this path. This can be used to obtain items, stun enemies, or hit objects or switches to solve puzzles.

Often times there are enemies that cannot be hit from the front, so Link must draw a path with the boomerang and hit the enemy in his backside in order to stun him. While some enemies can be defeated with one hit of the boomerang, many others are simply just stunned and this will give Link an oppurtunity to finish them off with his sword. The boomerang is also capable of equipping fire and ice along its way. If Link targets a lit torch and then an enemy, the boomerang will carry the fire and can burn the enemy that Link targets. Link can use the boomerang on ice torches and then send it over water and this will cause the water to freeze and ice platforms to appear that Link can walk over.

The boomerang is very commmonly used to hit switches or other objects in order to solve puzzles. At times Link might need to hit several objects consecutively in a certain order to solve a puzzle and open a closed door or to access a treasure chest. Other times Link must hit a distant object in order to create a bridge or to lower or raise a platform to allow him to access new areas.

3rd Dungeon
Whip  - Link obtains the Whip within the Ocean Temple. The item looks like a standard whip, except that it has a snake at the tip of the whip. The whip acts as a weapon capable of defeating a wide range of enemies. However, it does not have full screen range and it is best used up close. The whip can also be used to pull shields or helmets off of enemies such as geozards or helmet chuchu's.

The whip very much resembles the grappling hook from the Wind Waker. Link can hang onto poles which will allow Link to swing across larger gaps and reach distant platforms. Additionally, Link can attach his whip to various hooks of items and other mechanisms that can be used to solve puzzles..

Bow and Arrow
4th Dungeon
Bow and Arrow  - The classic Bow and Arrow returns and it is the dungeon item found within the Fire Temple. Link can use the weapon to fight off a whole bunch of different enemies in the game. Additionally, the weapon is used to fight off the boss of the Fire Temple, Cragma. Link can also make use of the Bow and Arrow in other ways other than fighting enemies. Link can use the bow to hit wall switches that will often teams reveal treasure chests or open up closed doors. Link can also bounce arrows off of blue arrow orbs.

Beedle's Air Shop
 - Link's classic explosive weapon is obtained when Link purchases the first Bomb Bag from Beedle's Air Shop. Bombs can be used as a weapon to defeat enemies, blow up boulders, or blow holes into cracked walls. Link has the ability to carry 10, 20, or 30 Bombs at once, depending on which type of Bomb Bag he currently has.

Sand Wand
Sand Temple
 - The Sand Wand is the main treasure item within the Sand Temple and it will give Link the power to raise up the sand. Link can raise up the sand to create barriers for enemies or objects, allowing him to pass safely. Additionally, if Link is standing on a sandy area, he can use the Sand Wand to raise himself up to a higher level. This is often used to reach higher platforms that hold secrets, treasure chests, or are required to progress within a dungeon.

The sand wand can also be used as a weapon. Certain enemies such as gerune or ergtorok can only be defeated by using the sand wand. The item is also needed in order to defeat the boss of the Sand Temple, Skeldritch. It is used to stop massive boulders in sand as they are rolling towards you.

Bow of Light
Sand Temple
 - The Bow of Light is found in the Sand Temple, after defeat the boss Skeldritch. This divine weapon is needed in order to hit certain eye switches, as well as in defeating the Demon King.

Spirit Flute
Hyrule Castle
Spirit Flute  - Most Zelda titles have their own musical instrument and Spirit Tracks is no exception. The Spirit Flute makes its appearance early on in the game and can be used to law down new segments of Spirit Tracks, which will allow Link to reach previously unreachable areas.

The Spirit Flute is played by moving the stylus on the bottom screen, while simaltaniously blowing into the Nintendo DS microphone. Link will play duets using the Spirit Flute with the Locomo in each realm. This will grant Link access to more Spirit Tracks that lead to the temple within the realm. Additionally, there are six songs that Link will learn for his Spirit Flute.

Stamp Book
Aboda Village
 - After bringing Alfonzo back to Aboda Village, head on over and speak with Niko. He will give you a stamp book and asks you to collect stamps for you! By collecting stamps, Link will be able to get the Shield of Antiquity, the Engineer's Clothes, and the second Swordsman's Scroll! To find out where all 20 stamp stations are located, check out our Stamp Stations guide

Rabbit Net
Rabbitland Rescue
 - After first visiting the Rabbitland Rescue, speak to the many running the show and he will give you the Rabbit Net! The Rabbit Net is used to capture rabbits that are seen on the sides of tracks all throughout Hyrule. One Link spots a rabbit, shoot the boulder and it triggers a mini-game where Link uses the rabbit net to capture the rabbit. To find out how to capture all 50 rabbits, check out our Rabbit Locations guide.

Bomb Bag #1
Beedle's Air Shop
 - The first bomb bag can be purchased from Beedle's Air Shop for a reasonable price of 300 rupees. This bomb bag allows Link to carry up to 20 bombs.

Bomb Bag #2
Whittleton Village
 - After gaining the Whip from the Ocean Temple, head on over to Whittleton Village. At the north end of town, speak with the townman and you'll find that he is running a whip-race challenge. It costs 50 rupees to play. If you finish the challenge in less then 1:30, you'll be given the 2nd bomb bag. (If you finish in less than 1:15, you'll be given a Heart Container the first time around). The 2nd bomb bag allows Link to carry up to 20 bombs!

Bomb Bag #3
Castle Town
 - After completing the Ocean Temple, head on over to the "Take 'Em All On" challenge within Castle Town. The 2nd challenge puts Link through even more rooms, in which he'll have to fight off Stagnox, Fraaz, and Phytops once again! Once Link has gotten through all the floors, his reward will be the 3rd bomb bag! This bomb bag will allow Link to carry up to 30 bombs!

Quiver #1
Goron Village
 - After completing the Fire Temple and getting the Bow, Link can now purchase the first quiver upgrade. It is available at the shop in Goron Village, selling for 2,000 rupees! After purchasing it, Link will have the ability to carry up to 30 arrows!

Quiver #2
Pirate Hideout
 - Score between 3500 and 4000 points in the Pirate Hideout mini-game to get the quiver upgrade. Hit consecutive targets without missing to get points through the score multiplyer. This will allow you to carry up to 50 arrows!

Swordsman's Scroll #1
 - After capturing all 50 rabbits in the overworld, head on over to the Rabbitland Rescue and your reward will be the first Swordsman's Scroll! This gives Link the ability to shoot a beam out of his sword! To find out how to capture all 50 rabbits, check out our Rabbit Locations guide.<

Swordsman's Scroll #2
Aboda Village
 - After stamping his stamp booklet with all 20 stamps. Link will get the second Swordsman's Scroll, which will give him the ability to perform the Great Spin Attack! To find out how to collect all 20 stamps, check out our Stamp Stations guide.

Recruit's Uniform
Hyrule Castle
 - After meeting up privately with Princess Zelda in her chambers. Zelda will give Link the recruit's uniform so that he can blend in with the castle guards. The tunic is the same type of garment that all the legendary heroes of Hyrule have worn before.

Engineer Clothes
Aboda Village
 - While Link starts his quest with the Engineer Clothes, he is required to switch into the Recruit's Uniform early on in the game in order to blend in with the castle guards. However, if Lin aquires 15 stamps in his stamp bookley, Niko will reward Link by giving him back his Engineer Clothes. To find out how to collect 15 stamps, check out our Stamp Stations guide.<

Aboda Village
Cannon  - During the two early trailers for Spirit Tracks, a cannon can be seen on Link's locomotive. The use of the cannon seems to resemble the cannon from Phantom Hourglass. When Link is traveling on the Spirit Train, the canon is attached to the train and if you tap enemies or locations on the screen, a cannonball will be shot in that direction. This can be useful in keeping animals and enemies out of the way of Link's train.

Freight Car
Goron Village
 - The Freight Car is given to Link by Kagoron. Kagoron asks Link to bring something cold to the village in order to cool down the lava that is preventing access to the north part of the village. The freight car is used to bring various goods such as lumber, mega ice, dark ore, and more!

Small Key
Small key  - Small keys have been a stable in the Legend of Zelda series ever since A Link to the Past. They are usually found in every single temple of the game, mainly located within treasure chests or held by certain enemies. Often times Link must solve a puzzle in order to obtain a small key.

 - In Spirit Tracks, a puzzle is shown where there is a small key in the center of a platform that Link cannot reach. Instead, Link uses his whirlwind and blows the small key over to another platform that Link can reach. Link then runs over and crabs the small key.

Big Key
 - Big Keys have been a stable in Zelda games ever since A Link to the Past and Spirit Tracks is no different. The Big Key is identical in appearance and use as its Phantom Hourglass counterpart. When Link finds the big key, he has to physically carry it over to the big lock found within the temple. Be careful though as often times picking up the big key can result in the spawning of key masters!.

Tears of Light
Tears of Light  - Tears of Light in Spirit Tracks differ from those that appeared in Twilight Princess. In the Tower of Spirits,, Link must find three Tears of Light and this will allow the spirit of Princess Zelda to take control of a defeated phantom. At this point, Link has full control over the actions of the Phantom, using the spirit of Princess Zelda.

Force Gem
Force Gem  - Force Gems are Link's reward after defeating a boss within the early dungeons of the game. They appear in silver, green, and yellow. At the moment, it is uncertain as to what their particular use is for, but it is likely that they are needed to restore the floors of the Tower of Spirits.

Zelda's Letter
Hyrule Castle
Zeldas Letter  - After the ceremony where Link is being promoted to the position of Royal Engineer, Princess Zelda slips Link a letter. Zelda's Letter concerns Chancellor Cole, who Zelda believes is behind the disappearance of the Spirit Tracks. Princess Zelda wants to meet privately with Link.

Heart Container
Heart Container  - Heart Containers take on a similar form as within Phantom Hourglass. Rather than having heart pieces that are 1/4 or 1/5 of a full heart container, Spirit Tracks only has heart containers.

Each full heart container will increase Link's life by one heart. Link gets one heart container after defeating a major boss in each dungeon. Additionally, there are several heart containers found within the overworld that Link can find to maximize his health. You can view their locations by looking at our Spirit Tracks Heart Containers Guide.

Engineer Certificate
Hyrule Castle
 - Princess Zelda gives Link the Engineer Certificate after Link first comes to Hyrule Castle for his graduation ceremony. This certificate will make Link a full-fledged royal engineer and allow him to conduct trains himself.

Beedle Club Card
Hyrule Castle
 - Link aquires the Beedle Club Card after making a purchase at Beedle's Air Shop. This card allows Link to accumulate membership points so that he can earn special rewards in the future.

Forest Rail Map
Tower of Spirits 3rd Floor
 - The Forest Rail Map is found on the 3rd floor within the Tower of Spirits. This map will restore some of the Spirit Tracks found within the Forest Realm. Refer to Spirit Tracks Walkthrough - Chapter 1: The Beginning, on how to get to the 3rd floor of the Tower of Spirits.

Snow Rail Map
Tower of Spirits 7th Floor
 - The Snow Rail Map is found on the 7th floor within the Tower of Spirits. This map will restore some of the Spirit Tracks found within the Forest Realm. Refer to Spirit Tracks Walkthrough - Chapter 3: Tower of Spirits 2, on how to get to the 7th floor of the Tower of Spirits.

Ocean Rail Map
Tower of Spirits 12th Floor
 - The Ocean Rail Map is found on the 12th floor within the Tower of Spirits. This map will restore some of the Spirit Tracks found within the Forest Realm. Refer to Spirit Tracks Walkthrough - Chapter 5: Tower of Spirits 3, on how to get to the 12th floor of the Tower of Spirits.

Fire Rail Map
Tower of Spirits 17th Floor
 - The Fire Rail Map is found on the 17th floor within the Tower of Spirits. This map will restore some of the Spirit Tracks found within the Forest Realm. Refer to Spirit Tracks Walkthrough - Chapter 7: Tower of Spirits 4, on how to get to the 17th floor of the Tower of Spirits.

Compass of Light
Tower of Spirits 24th Floor
 - The Compass of Light is found on the 24th floor within the Tower of Spirits. This Compass is required in order to restore some of the Spirit Tracks and reveal the entrance into the Dark Realm. Refer to Spirit Tracks Walkthrough - Chapter 11: Tower of Spirits 6, on how to get to the 24th floor of the Tower of Spirits.