Spirit Tracks Bosses
Below, you'll find a boss guide, listing all of enemies that have been seen within screenshots and trailers of Spirit Tracks. The information listed below is incomplete and will be updated as more information becomes available. For full context as to where and when you fight each boss, be sure to check out the Spirit Tracks Walkthrough.

Armored Colossus
  Horn Attack
  Falling off Edge
  Arm Swipe
  Spiked Slug
  Flying Thrust

The first phase of the battle is rather simple. Just run around the outer edge of the circular platform that you are standing on, being careful not to get too close, causing the boss to smack you. Stagnox will slowly turn as well, but will eventually stop to try to attack you using an incredibly slow horn thrust that looks quite impressive, but it is extremely easy to avoid. When Stagnox misses its attack, quick run to its backside and pull out the whirlwind. Target the purple fog and send a gust out of the whirlwind and this will stun Stagnox and leave its backside vulnerable. Run up and slash at its backside repeatedly until it gets back up on its feet. Repeat this same process a few times and just keep striking at its backside.

Dodge his attack and run to...

...use the Whirlwind on his back...

...then slash while he's stunned!

Eventually Stagnox will give up on this failed strategy and will then use its wings and fly up in the air. Stagnox will summon three blastworms and toss them down to the battle platform. Slash at these three slugs to turn them into spiked balls. After a few moments, Stagnox will try to hit Link with a flying thrust as he drops down closer to the platform. Stand below a spiked ball and when Stagnox is coming towards you, use the whirlwind to send the blastworm right in the boss's face. The explosion will stun Stagnox and leave his backside vulnerable yet again (he really needs to work on that huh?) giving you the perfect opportunity to run over and slash away at its purple spot. Repeat this same process until Stagnox has been defeated.

Smack the blastworms...

...reflect them at him...

...to stun him! Now smack 'em!
For the first phase, just run around Stagnox and when it tries to attack, use the whirlwind to clear purple fog for its backside and then slash away with your sword. In the second phase, slash at the blastworms and when Stagnox comes down to the platform to attack, launch a spiked ball at Stagnox using the Whirlwind. Finish off the your stunned foe with the sword.

Master of Icy Fire
  Ice (+ every 3 seconds frozen)

There are alternating forms of Fraaz as well as two phases. The first form is when Fraaz is together as one large goblin like creature. Fraaz will suck up energy of either fire or ice and this can easily be distinguished whether he light up blue or red. If Fraaz sucks in ice, use the boomerang and target the fire torch and then target Fraaz. The boomerang will pick up the flame and then hit Fraaz, causing his body to shrink. If Fraaz has already sucked in a lot of air and his body his huge, then it will take two hits with the other element type to stun Fraaz. Once Fraaz is stunned run on over and slash away with your sword. Repeat this process until Fraaz separates into two smaller creatures.

This form of Fraaz can be quite annoying. One of the creatures will light up with fire and the other with ice. The goal in this phase is to use the elements against each other. Hit the one of fire with ice, and vice versa. When the creatures stop running, target one of the torches and then glance at your map above. Each of the seperated mini goblins will have a blue or red icon, signifying what element they are. If you target the blue flame, then target the creature with the red icon. Once you've stunned this mini part of Fraaz, run on over slash away with your sword. Once one of them is down, the other one might try to revive its partner by using a purple and blog spirit ball. Just defeat both of them as quickly as you can to prevent them from thing this. After both have been defeated, they will combine to form the larger Fraaz once again.

Fraaz then gets intelligent and will destroy the two torches that are in the boss arena. During this phase, you have to wait for Fraaz to shoot either fire or ice at Link. Dodge the attacks but fire or ice will remain on the floor. When Fraaz switches to the opposite element, use the boomerang to target the fire or ice and then hit Fraaz to stun him. Once stunned, slash away with your sword. Repeat this process until Fraaz once again breaks until smaller forms.

Since there are no torches, you’ll have to wait for the little versions of Fraaz to shoot out either fire or ice. They’ll leave their mark on the ground, at which you can use the boomerang to once again to grab the fire and ice and hit the respective creature. Repeat this process until you’ve both of the little guys. Remember, you have to be quick otherwise they will revive one another.

The final phase is a combined Fraaz once again and this time he more relentless. He shoots out fire and ice even quicker than before and of more amounts! Just repeat the strategies that we have been using to finally defeat Fraaz.
When Fraaz is filled with fire, use the boomerang to target ice and then hit Fraaz. Vice versa if Fraaz is filled with Ice. When Fraaz splits up, glance up at your map to see what element each one is, and then hit them with the alternate element. After Fraaz breaks the torches, wait until it shoots out its own fire or ice and it will leave a spot on the floor. Use this against him when he changes element. Repeat until Fraaz is defeated.

Dungeon Boss: Phytops, Barbed Menace Ocean Temple
  Gunk Shot
  Vine Whip
  Fall of Edge
 - The first part of the battle will have Phytops stick out two of its tentacles, which will put a constraint on where Link can go. The body of Phytops, including its eye, is covered by the purple smudge that is in the way. Use your whip on one of the tentacles to pull out a spike. Hold onto the spike and then launch it at the face of Phytops. If the spike hits Phytops it will clear a small area of the purple smudge that covers its eye. Repeat this same process a second time to remove more purple smudge. After two direct hits, the eye of Phytops will be uncovered. Grab another spike from its tentacle and launch it at the eye of Phytops, and the boss will fall to the ground stunned for a short period of time, leaving its eye vulnerable to further attacks. Run on over and slash away at its eye using your sword until Phytops gets back up.

 - Phytops has one main attack in this early phase and that is when it will shoot a gunk shot out at Link. However, once Phytops is revived, he will go on a tear with a serious of vine whips that are hard to avoid. They aren’t too damaging though as each hit will only take ½ damage.

 - The first phase of the battle will repeat, so do the same thing and grab the spikes from its tentacles, remove its gunk, and then hit Phytops in the eye. After several consecutive hits like this, Phytops will start combining its two phases in one by having all four tentacles in the arena at once. It will use its gunk shot but will also use its vine whip with its two back tentacles. It’s hard to avoid the vine whips and the gunk at once, so you may take a few hits at this part of the battle. Just repeat the same process and remove its gunk and then nail it in the eye.

 - The only other thing that Phytops does differently in the final phase of the battle is that it will rotate around a bit, making it harder for Link to reach the tentacles on the sides. This is just a minor nuisance and the rest of the battle will be just like the previous form. Nail Phytops in the eye a few more times to defeat this barbed menace.
 - Boss Summary.

Dungeon Boss: Cragma, Lava Lord Fire Temple
  Fist Smash
  Double Axe Fist Smash
  Fall in Lava
  Lava Boulders
 - The first phase of the battle, Cragma will try to smash Link with his right fist while boulders of lava are also falling from the ceiling. When Cragma is gearing up to punch Link, a part of his body will start to glow. Pull out the bow and arrow and shoot an arrow at this glowing ball. Cragma will when clutch his fists together and try to smash Link with two hands. Roll out of the way to avoid this damaging attack.

 - The massive attack will cause a huge boulder to fall to the ground. The next thing you need to do, is stand near the boulder and Cragma will try to smash you with his right fist. Quickly roll out of the way and Cragma will smash the boulder and create a circular platform. Pick it up and run over to the right side of the room. Toss the platform onto the small area of lava and then jump onto it. From here you can jump onto the moving cart.

 - Ride around on the cart and have your bow and arrow equipped. Look for the various shiny parts of Cragma’s body as you are riding on the cart. Whenever you see a shiny spot, that is a weak point, so use the bow and arrow and hit the weak spot. After hitting several weak spots, you’ll climb even higher on the cart. At this point, aim for the eye of Cragma and nail him, causing his massive body to fall to the floor. Once Link reaches the ground, run and slash away madly with your sword until Cragma gets back up. If you miss Cragma’s weaks pots while riding on the cart, the boss may grab Link and toss him back to the bottom area of the room.

 - This next phase is very similar to the first phase, but the only difference is that Cragma doesn’t wait as long to smash his arms and lava boulders fall a lot more frequently. Look for loose arrows that are left from falling boulders as you’ll need more for the next go around on the cart part of the battle. If you are low on health, use any potions you have may have, break the pots in the corner of the room, or play the song of healing to use your fair. Repeat the same process of hitting his weak spot, making a boulder appear, and causing Cragma to break the boulder, and then lifting up the circular platform and tossing it on the lava to the right. Once on the cart, repeat the same process of hitting its weak spots and eventually hit its eye. Cragma will come crumbling to the floor once again, at which Link can finish him off with some sword slashes.
 - Use the bow and arrow and hit Cragma’s weak spot in its belly. After it double arm smashes the ground, a larger boulder appears. Stand near the boulder and dodge Cragma’s attack at the last second. The crushed boulder will turn into a circular platform. Lift it up and take it to the right side of the room and toss it on the lava.

Dungeon Boss: Byrne Temple of Spirits Part 5
  Charged Attack
 - The battle starts with Byrne jumping along pillars and occasionally shooting weak beams towards Link. Just dodge these and eventually Byrne will attempt to hit Link with his massive gauntlet arm. Just dodge out of the way and the gauntlet arm will get stuck in the ground. Use the phantom and run over to the gauntlet. Zelda will pull on the gauntlet cause Byrne to fall to the ground, so run on over and get a few sword slashes in before he awakes. Repeat this process until Byrne stays on the ground level.

 - Just run up to Byrne and slash at him repeatedly. He’ll block your first two attacks but the third one will usually hit. After Byrne is a bit shaken up, he will now perform large purple charged attack towards Link. When he is charging up, go hide behind the phantom. When Byrne charges in, the phantom will grab him and hold him steady. Run on over and deliver some sword slashes while he is stuck.

 - Afterwards Byrne will get a bit quicker with his attacks and does a better job of blocking Link’s sword attacks. Just keep at it and keep slashing away. Byrne will eventually be defeated without much of a sweat.

 - Wait for Byrne to target you with its gauntlet. Jump out of the way and then send the phantom towards the gauntlet. Slash at Byrne with your sword until Byrne revives. Repeat this process until Bryne comes down to the surface to battle. Slash away with your sword three times and Byrne will be shaken up. Avoid Byrne’s charged attack by hiding behind the phantom. The phantom will hold Byrne down, so slash away with your sword. Repeat this process until Byrne has been defeated.

Dungeon Boss: Skeldritch, Ancient Demon Sand Temple
  Fall Off Ledge
  Jaw Attack
 - The battle begins with Skeldritch shooting boulders out the bottom of its body. Use the sand wand to block these boulders and keep them in the arena. Use the sand wand to maneuver them over so they are on top of the catapult. Make sure there are no boulders in the way and then hit the switch. This will hit Skeldritch and cause him to lose a part of its body.

 - Skeldritch will turn start sending three boulders out in a row so be alert. The boss will also shoot out a laser at you, so you’ll have to dodge that. The last three parts of Skledritch’s body are protected on certain sides. The next one is only vulnerable from the right side. Load up a boulder on one of the catapults and then run to the left. Skeldritch will always face you. When you at the left, pull out the bow and arrow and shoot the crystal switch to the right. This will make the boulder hit Skeldritch on the right side, removing another part of its body.

 - During the next phase, Skeldritch will shoot out red boulders which will travel through more sand barriers and come out much faster! The next body part of Skeldritch is only vulnerable at its back. So load up a boulder onto a catapult and then run all the way to the other side of the room. Use an arrow to hit the crystal switch and this will send the boulder into Skeldritch’s back.

 - The last weak spot is a bit tricky. It is a small spot that is not quite on its left and not quite behind him, but right in the middle. Load up a boulder on one of the catapults. It’s quite difficult to reach this area with a bow and arrow, so you have two choices. One is to drop a bomb right next to the switch and then make a run to the right side. Past the catapult here and stand in between catapults so that Skeldritch’s weak spot is facing the boulder. Once the bomb explodes, the boulder will hit its weak spot. Skeldritch will now shoot four consecutive boulders out at Link. Alternatively, instead of using the bombs, you can trace a long path with the boomerang, but that leaves Link vulnerable for quite awhile. Eventually you’ll hit Skeldritch and its skull will drop to the ground.

 - The final phase of the battle can be quite hectic. Use the sand wand and create a massive wall of sand surrounding Skeldritch. Skeldritch will begin eating away at the sand. Very quickly run to the backside of Skeldritch and slash away at purple spot at the back of its head. Remember, Link must be elevated on top of sand in order to reach Skeldritch’s head. Make sure you completely surround Skeldritch, as if it has any room to move, it will turn around. Repeat this process until Skeldritch has been defeated.
 - Stop a boulder that Skeldritch spits out with the sand wand and then maneuver it onto a catapult. Hit the switch and the catapult will remove a part of Skeldritch’s body. Skeldritch’s weak spot changes and the first time it’s at Skeldritch’s right, then behind, and then behind and to the left. Place boulders on the catapults and then run around the room so the catapult is in line with Skeldritch. Use your bow and arrow, boomerang, or even timed bombs to blow up the switches and launch the catapult.

Final Boss Part 1: Demon Train Dark Realm
Demon Train
  Explosive Barrels
  Purple Fog
  Laser Cannon
  Rotating Lasers
The battle takes place on four rails and the Demon King will move back and forth amongst the rails. At times the Demon King will move right in your way, at which you’ll need to slam on the breaks and hit reverse so that the Demon King doesn’t hit you. You can even switch tracks when there are forks in the road. Never stay directly behind the train as you’ll get trapped in and likely take some damage.

The first phase deals with the back cart of the Demon Train. Just ride along and occasionally parts of the back cart will open up with explosive barrels. Use the cannon to explode this barrel while it is still inside the compartment. There are five sections that have these barrels. Explode all four of them and the back cart of the Demo Train will fall off from the rest of the train. You’ll then be sent through a portal, starting the path all over again.

Now the Demon Train only has one cart. This part of the battle is similar to the previous one, but instead of explosive barrels, the Demon Train is equipped with laser cannons! These cannons take two hits to defeat but there are only four of them. Avoid the Demon Train when it changes tracks and avoid the laser cannons. Once all four of the laser cannons are done away with, you’ll be sent through a second portal.

The third and final phase of the Demon Train leaves the train with only the front part of it. The third phase, the Demon Train fires rotating lasers from the side of the train. It shoots out multiple layers at once, so it can be quite intimidating. Just ride alongside the Demon Train and blast away at the crystals that are shooting the lasers. Since the crystals are rotating, you can hit them all from one of the sides of the train. Once you’ve hit all the crystals, the Train will be stunned for a moment and will slow down drastically. Speed up your train to get in front of the Demon Train. Then unload your cannon into the face of the Demon Train. Repeat this same process until the Demon Train has been defeated!
Summary: The Demon Train will shift across the four tracks so be careful not to run into the Demon Train. Never stay right behind the train as it will just pull its breaks and trap you behind. During the first phase, shoot the explosive barrels that will pop out of the back cart. Repeat this until all the barrels are done with and the back cart is destroyed. During the second phase, shoot all the laser cannons. Once all the laser cannons have been destroyed the second cart will be destroyed. During the final phase, shoot the crystals rotating lasers on the side of the train to stun the Demon Train. Ride in front of the train and launch cannonballs towards its face. Repeat this process until the Demon Train has been defeated.

Final Boss Part 2: Malladus: Puppet Cole and Zelda Dark Realm
Cole and Zelda
  Phantom Sword
  Magical Rats
The goal is to march the phantom all the way to Puppet Zelda at the north end of the train. As you walk towards Puppet Zelda though, Cole will set off various traps to stop you. One of these traps is that Cole will summon magical rats that will surround the phantom. You must slash all the before they can reach the phantom. If they do, Cole will then be able to control the phantom with some magical strings. Pull out the boomerang and trace a path so that you can cut these strings. Just keep pressing on with the phantom and keep Link behind the phantom to protect from the lasers that Puppet Zelda shoots out. Keep slashing away at the magical rats that Cole sends out towards you.

Once you finally have reached Puppet Zelda. Trace a path so that the Phantom picks up Puppet Zelda. Walk to the very edge of the train and pull out the bow and arrow. Shoot a Light Arrow into the Puppet Zelda to finish off the boss to defeat Malladus!

Just trace a path with phantom all the way northward to get to Puppet Zelda. Stand behind the phantom to protect yourself from Puppet Zelda’s lasers. When Cole unleashes magical rats, slash at them to protect the phantom. Once the phantom reaches Zelda, deliver a Light Arrow into Puppet Zelda.

Final Boss Part 3: Malladus, The Demon king Dark Realm
  Arm Swipe
  Skull Jam
The first phase of the battle involves protecting Princess Zelda from the fireballs. Malladus will shoot out numerous large fireballs at Zelda. The first few will be direct shots that are easy to deflect, but then he’ll start shooting fireballs that trail off to the side and come around from the right or left to hit Zelda. Be ready to move around and hit the fireballs before they hit Zelda. It’s a good idea to swing a bit earlier to get the timing down perfectly.

As the fireballs become a bit more elaborately planned, they are much harder to avoid. Malladus will jump to the left and the right, shooting multiple fireballs out at once. Using the spin attack works well when there are more than one fireball coming at you. At one point Malladus will shoot four fireballs at once! If you have the great spin attack, this is precisely the time to use it. If not, stand as close to Zelda as possible, and if you perfectly time a spin attack, you can deflect all four fireballs. This can be quite frustrating and will take a lot of trial and error to get the timing down perfectly.

Once Princess Zelda has full charged up her power, she says she needs to combine her sacred power with power of the Spirit Flute. Princess Zelda will then teach Link a very challenging song on the Spirit Flute that goes, Orange, Purple, Yellow, Turquoise, and Orange. There are two jumps between notes in this one, so it can be really challenging to learn. Upon successfully playing it, Link and Zelda will be joined by all five of the music playing Locomo’s that we have met earlier in the game. Playing the song reveals a shining weak spot on the back of Malladus!

Link now needs to distract Malladus so that its back is facing Princess Zelda. Princess Zelda takes control of the Bow of Light. Run around the room with Link and slash at the lands of Malladus. The top screen will show the over the shoulder view of Princess Zelda. Keep using Link to run around Malladus until you have a clear shot of the weak spot of Malladus. When the cursor on Malladus turns yellow, Tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen to deliver a Light arrow shot. Repaet this process until you’ve hit Malladus three times, sending it falling to the floor. Run over and slash at the gem that is on its forehead. Attack it enough times and part of its horn will fall off.

Malladus is a bit more aggressive once it awakens and will even shoot fireballs out towards Link once again. However, much of this time around is exactly like last time. Just distract Malladus and then deliver a Light Arrow when the cursor turns yellow for Zelda. After Malladus is stunned a second time, sword slashes will cut off his second horn. Repeat this for a third and final time.

Once Malladus falls to the floor again, run over and jam your sword into the gem on its forehead. Quickly rub the stylus back and forth and Princess Zelda will run on over as well and together finally will deliver the final blow to Malladus!
Deflect the fireballs that Malladus spits out at you in order to protect Princess Zelda. When Malladus shoots four fireballs at once, use the great spin attack or a perfectly timed spin attack to deflect all four. Once Princess Zelda has been powered up, she will teach Link a song on the Spirit Flute. After successfully playing it, a shiny weak spot is revealed at the back of Malladus.

Run around with Link and slash at the arms of Malladus. Get Malladus to focus its attention on Link and run to the other side of the arena. When the cursor turns yellow and Zelda has a clear shot, tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen to launch a Light Arrow. After three Light Arrow hits, run over and slash at the gem on its forehead to remove part of one of his horns. Repeat this process a second time to remove the other horn. On the third time, Link will hold Malladus in place while he rubs the stylus quickly, causing Zelda to run on over. Together Zelda and Link will deliver the final blow!