Spirit Tracks Characters
Below, you'll find a listing all of characters that have been seen within screenshots and trailers of Spirit Tracks. The information listed below is incomplete and will be updated as more information becomes available. For full context as to where and when you meet each character, be sure to check out the Spirit Tracks Walkthrough.

Major Characters

 - Link begins the game as a train engineer who is an apprentice to Alfonzo, a Royal Engineer. Link is on his way to see Princess Zelda, where he will have his graduation ceremony and formally be given the title of Royal Engineer. Upon arriving to meet with Princess Zelda, Link learns that the Spirit Tracks are mysteriously disappearing.

As suggested by Anjean, Princess Zelda joins Link, and the two will venture on a journey to see what is wrong at the Tower of Spirits. While Link and Zelda are on their way to the Tower of Spirits, the tracks beneath their train will disappear, courtesy of Chancellor Cole. Cole will then go on to apparently kill Zelda, but the princess is not completely dead.

Link will then partner up with the spirit of Princess Zelda, who will also take control of a Phantom, as they journey across the land to restore the Spirit Tracks, rebuild the Tower of Spirits, and to seal away the Demon King once again.

Princess Zelda
 - Zelda is the princess of the Royal Family of Hyrule and a descendent of Princess Zelda from the Wind Waker. Princess Zelda suspects that Chancellor Cole is involved with the recent disappearance of the Spirit Tracks that seal away the Demon King. After Princess Zelda slips Link a note so that the two could meet in private, they escape the castle and begin a journey to the Tower of Spirits.

Upon their quest, the Spirit Tracks that they are riding on suddenly disappear. Chancellor Cole appears and seemingly kills Princess Zelda, but she is not completely dead. Princess Zelda’s Spirit is separated from her body. Zelda’s body is taken away by Cole in order to try to release the Demon King. After Link awakens, the spirit of Zelda realizes that she is dead and that only Link can now see her.

Zelda and Link journey together on a quest to restore the Spirit Tracks, and in the process the spirit of Zelda will be able to possess the body of Phantom’s within dungeons. Zelda and Link work with one another to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and rebuild the Tower of Spirits in order reseal Demon King once again.

Chancellor Cole
 - Chancellor Cole is a political leader of Hyrule, and one of the antagonists in the game. Princess Zelda suspects Cole of his involvement to rid the land of the Spirit Tracks and release the Demon King. After Link and Zelda journey to the Tower of Spirits, Cole is responsible for the derailment of their train, and proceeds to kill Princess Zelda.

The Chancellor has an awkward appearance as he has two horns coming out of his head, both of which are covered by a pair of green top-hats. Cole also has the ability to levitate above the ground, making his short stature appear a bit deceiving. He also has some magical powers, as he displayed when he attacks Princess Zelda with a purple and black bolt, causing Zelda’s body and spirit to be separated.

 - Anjean is a member of the Lokomo people and is the protector of the Tower of Spirits, which acts as the controlling hub of the Spirit Tracks. Anjean is said to be as old as the hills and has wisdom of the ages.

She instructs that Princess Zelda go with Link to check out the Tower of Spirits, and in the process entrusts them with the Spirit Train. Anjean’s main objective is to do everything in her power to prevent the Demon King from escaping from the power of the Spirit Tracks, as well as to keep the broken Tower intact. She also informs Zelda that she was aquianted with her ancestor, and was the original holder of the Spirit Flute.

 - Alfonzo is a master train engineer and is the mentor for Link. Alfonzo was a former soldier in the Hyrule Army, but now serves as a Royal Engineer. As the mentor of Link, he has taught Link everything he knows about engineering trains, as well as the ways of wielding a sword.

When Link helps Zelda sneak out of Castle Town, they meet up with Alfonzo, who's reluctant to help them, until the Princess requests his aid. He joins them on their quest to the Tower of Spirits, but after their train is derailed, he is knocked unconscious until Link compeltes the Forst Temple. Aftewrwards, he upgrades the Spirit Train with a cannon to help Link on his quest.

Malladus, the Demon King
 - Prior to the time of Link’s quest during Spirit Tracks, a battle was fought between the spirits of Hyrule and the Demon King. The Demon King was never destroyed, but rather, was bound by chains and shackles that stretched to the four corners of the land. These barriers that kept the Demon King at bay would later be known as the Spirit Tracks.

Chancellor Cole is behind a plot to destroy the Spirit Tracks, and remove the barrier that has subdued the Demon King. Link and the spirit of Zelda journey on a quest to restore the Spirit Tracks and seal away the Demon King once again.

While the Demon King's true form is merely that of a gaseous, skull-shpaed head, he combines with Cole at the end of the game to form a beast with simialrites to Dark Beast Ganon, of Twilight Princess, and the color scheme of The Legend of Zelda's Ganon.

Castle Guards
 - Castle Guards can be seen at the Castle, protecting Princess Zelda. Additionally, early on during the game when Link, Princess Zelda, and Alfonzo are trying to escape the Castle, they need to distract several Castle Guards in order to successfully exist the castle without being noticed.

 - Phantom's are enemies found within numerous dungeons in the game. However, after defeating phantoms in various dungeons, the spirit of Princess Zelda has the abilit to take control of the phantom and help Link throughout his journey.

While the phantom is a fearsome beast, capable of walking through fire and striking the fiercest of enemies, it is still the precious Princess Zelda found underneath the armor, and still has some of Zelda's traits, one of which is that Zelda is scared of small rats. If a rat begins to run around the phantom, the phantom will stop in its place and will not move forward until Link finishes off the rat.

After Princess Zelda leaves the dungeon, the dead armor of the phantom is left behind as well.

 - Byrne is one of the minions of Chancellor Cole, and a strong foe that Link and Zelda will have to fight off. Byrne is has otherworldy strength that rivals even that of the Spirits. He has a massive armored left arm which is the center of his power.

 - Niko makes his return from the Wind Waker. This raises the question of the age of characters within Spirit Tracks. Spirit Tracks takes place 100 years after Phantom Hourglass, which in turn is a direct sequal to Wind Waker. Since Niko was still a young boy during the Wind Waker, this means that he is well over 100 years of age in Spirit Tracks.

He still has a very similar look and seemingly is wearing very similar clothes to his Wind Waker appearance. He still has his striped t-shirt, as well as his same pants that have a skull around his waste.

When Link visits Niko in Spirit Tracks, there is a portrait of a younger Niko within his room.

 - Link meets up with Ferrus on his way to the second temple, the Snow Temple. Upon arrival, Ferrus will give Link a map that shows the way to the entrance of the Snow Temple.

Ferrus appears to have a hobby of being a photographer as is picture with his tripod and camera in the official artwork.

 - The Lokomo are an ancient tribe who lived amongst the land before it was christened as the New Hyrule when Link and Tetra arrived. When Link encounters certain Lokomo, he will learn new songs that he can play on his Spirit Flute, which will allow him to restore some of the Spirit Tracks and gain access to a new area of the overworld.

Anouki  - The Anouki tribe are inhabitants of the Anouki Village. These eskimo like characters live in snow filled areas. When Link reaches the Anouki Village, he needs to pair up Anouki with one another, based on what each Anouki says. Once Link solves this puzzle, he will gain access to the Snow Sanctuary. It is also here in the Anouki Village where Link learns his second Spirit Flute song, the Song of Discovery. The song's effects work similar to that of a shovel, and if treasure is present in the area, it will be dug up.

Gage  - Gage is a member of the Lokomo tribe and he can be found in the Forest Sanctuary beyond the Lost Woods. When Link arrives to meet Gage, Link learns the first song on his Spirit Flute, the Song of Awakening. Link must play this song at the same time as Gage, and this will allow Link to gain access to the first dungeon of the game, the Forest Temple.

 - Steem is a member of the Lokomo tribe and he can be found in the Snow Sanctuary. Steem will teach Link the third song on his Spirit Flute, this song will open the path and allow Link to gain access to the Snow Temple.