Spirit Tracks Enemies
Below, you'll find an enemy guide, listing all of enemies that have been seen within screenshots and trailers of Spirit Tracks. The information listed below is incomplete and will be updated as more information becomes available. For full context as to where and when you run into each enemy, be sure to check out the Spirit Tracks Walkthrough.

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Armored Train Bees Big Blin Blastworm Bubble Bulblin Rider Bullbo Cannon Boats
ChuChu Blue ChuChu Helmet ChuChu Ice ChuChu Red ChuChu Yellow Crow Dark Train Freezard
Geozard Geozard Mighty Nocturn Keese Ice Keese Key Master Lobarrier Miniblin
Mounted Miniblin Moink Ocean Octorok Octive Octorok Mothula Phantom Fiery Phantom
Rat Rocktite Snowman Skulltula Snapper Snurgle Yellow Spinut Green Spinut
Tektite Venga White Wolfos


Armored Train
Armored Train  - Armored Trains are similar to Dark Trains in the sense that they are riding the rails and out to get you, however, unlike their darker counterparts, they are faster and are much smarter and will be much more difficult to avoid.

Bees  - Bees will only attack if you roll into the tree that their hive resides in. They then will swarm up around you and attack you. There really is no way to kill them, but running away or jumping into water will make them leave you alone

Big Blin
Big Blin  - Big Blins are massive enemies that slightly resemble Moblins. They wield a large club and are incredibly strong. Getting hit from them will stun Link temporarily. They seems to take an endless number of hits to defeat.

Blastworm  - Blastworms are found within the dungeons of Spirit Tracks. They appear as small light blue and white worms who will walk around the ground, trying to attack Link. Simple sword strikes will get rid of these creatures quite easily.

 - Once Link has defeated a worm, it will turn into a spiked ball. Link can use his sword to blow up the ball, or use the whirlwind to blow this spiked ball into another enemy or cracked block. This is useful in breaking cracked boulders or defeating various enemies and bosses.

Bubble  - A bubble appears for a short period of time when Link is battling with a Cyclops. The cyclops releases the bubble and it flies towards Link. Link then uses the whirlwind to launch the Bubble back at Cyclops.

 - The bubble takes a similar form as it did in Phantom Hourglass. However it is surrounded by a purple cloud around it, which differs from Phantom Hourglass bubbles that were surrounded by either red or light blue clouds, signifying whether the bubble was fire or ice based. Perhaps the purple signifies that it is a neutral bubble or that this is just the cyclops released bubbles.

Bulblin Rider
Bulblin Rider  - Bublins can be seen in the overworld riding on top of bullbo's. These creates are similar in appearance to their Twilight Princess incarnations. They come equipped with a bow and bomb arrows.

 - Link can defeat these bulblin riders just as he defeats the pigs and bullbos. Shoot out a few cannonballs and they will be finished off.

Bullbo  - Bullbo appear as an overworld enemy that roam around near the train tracks. They have a similar appearance as they did in Twilight Princess. Additionally, there are bulblin's that ride on top of bullbo in the overworld.

 - If they are on the tracks, Link can pull the lever on his train that will send out a loud noise which will scare the bullbo off the tracks. Alternatively, Link can shoot two cannonballs out at the bullbo to defeat the enemies. If Link's train runs into the bullbo, Link will take damage.

Cannon Boats
Cannon Boats  - Cannon Boats appeared in the previous title, Phantom Hourglass and are killed in the same way. Just shoot two cannonballs at them and they'll be done. They attack by shooting cannonballs that can be countered by being shot at.

ChuChu (Blue)
ChuChu Blue  - Blue ChuChus are just like Yellow ones other than color, however, they aren't vulnerable to most of your weapons. Use your surroundings effectively to kill these enemies.

ChuChu (Helmet)
ChuChu Helmet  - These are just like Red ChuChus, but these wear helmets that are easily removed with use of the whip. After their helmets are removed they are killed just like the Red ChuChus.

ChuChu (Ice)
ChuChu Ice  - The ice chuchu is one of the new chuchu variations available in Spirit Tracks. Ice chu's take on a blueish white color and if they come into contact with Link, they will cause Link to freeze. The boomerang or the whirlwind can be used to stun these ice chuchu, and they can be easily finished off with your sword.

ChuChu (Red)
ChuChu Red  - The red chuchu is one of most basic enemies that you will find in the game. Red chuchu's move incredibly slow and their only attack is to simply jump into Link. It is quite easy to tell when they are going to jump towards you and thus it is very easy to avoid. Nearly any item will stun or defeat these creatures, but the sword works perfectly fine.

ChuChu (Yellow)
ChuChu Yellow  - Yellow chuchu's act just like red chuchu's except that they have an electric charge and Link will hurt himself if he attacks the chuchu when it is charged up. The yellow chuchu will also jump towards Link, but this attack is rather slow and easy to avoid. Just wait for the electric charge to go away and slash with your sword to defeat these simple enemy. Alternatively, Link can use his Whip to defeat the yellow chuchu.

Crow  - These pesky birds are usually seen perched on top of trees within the overworld. They will sit on trees until Link comes close to them, of which they will take off and fly towards Link. If they will only take one shot towards Link, and if they hit or miss, they will fly off the screen. If they are sucessful, then they will steal a small ammount of rupees from Link. A simple sword strike works best, but youm ust be quick as they will fly off if you miss. Crow's often times leave rupees as rewards for defeating them.

Dark Train
Bomb Train  - Dark Trains are found in the overworld when Link is riding the Spirit Train on the Spirit Tracks. They are kamakazi machines who's sole intention is to drive into Link's train and blow up.

 - They appear on the top screen on Link's map, so Link must navigate along the Spirit Tracks in a way that he can avoid the dark trains if at all possible. If Link does ride into a dark train, it spells instant death for Link.

Ergtorok  -

Fire Baba
Fire Baba  -

Freezard  - Freezard's make their return after their stint within Twilight Princess
. They appear in the second dungeon of the game, the Snow Temple and are found on ice platforms. Link can use his whirlwind and it can blow the mini freezard away on the ice. Alternatively Link can use his sword, and once it contacts the mini-freezard, it will go spinng around extremely fast on the ice. The best way to defeat a mini-freezard is to hit it with your sword in a diretion so that it falls into the water.

Geozard  - The Geozard appears in a near identical form as the Zora Warrior from Phantom Hourglass. These massive creatures come equipped with a club and shield. Their large shield makes them invulnerable to weak frontal attacks. Instead, Link must stun the Geozard by tossing his boomerang to hit the Geozard in the back.

 - Link can also used his phantom friend to attack the Geozard. Link and his phantom can both attack the Geozard simultaneously for a quick kill.

Geozard (Mighty)
Geozard  - Similar in appearance to the Geozard, the Mighty Geozard has a red body and comes equipped with a stronger looking sword and shield. The sword and shield that the Mighty Geozard holds gives it a strong resemblence to the Mighty Darknut from the Wind Waker.

 - This enemy has the ability to shoot fire from its mouth. Link can send his phantom friend to attack the Mighty Geozard because the phantom cannot be harmed from flames. Link at the same time can sneak up behind the Mighty Geozard and the two can double team the enemy for a quick defeat.

Gerune  -

Heatoise  -

Keese  - A Zelda regular makes its return in Spirit Tracks. Keese will fly around the room and their own attack is to simply fly right into Link. They can be quite annoying as they sometimes blend in with the background and are hard to see. One sword swipe will finish them off. However, keese often times travel in bunches, in which the spin attack works well.

 - Ice Keese and Fire Keese are likely to make a return in a similar form as they played in Phantom Hourglass.

Keese (Fire)
Keese Fire  -

Keese (Ice)
Keese Ice  - Ice Keese behave in the same way as regular Keese, but if there is a frozen torch in the area, a Keese may run into it and become an Ice Keese. Touching one will result in Link being frozen, so a long range weapon is reccomended when fighting these enemies.

Key Master
Key Master  - Key Masters are enemies that appear once Link has found the dungeon's big Key. They try to halt Link's progress by grabbing the key and returning it to it's original position. There is no way to kill a Key Master besides placing the Big Key in the lock it belongs to.

Like Like
Like Like  - Like Likes will suck at you attempting to grab you. Trying to run will work, but it isn't very effective. More often than not it will grab you. Shake to get free, otherwise these enemies will steal your shield, so long as you don't have the Shield of Antiquity.

Lobarrier  - Crab like enemies that prevent Link from passing with a rock solid shield. Use the boomerang to stun them in the back and then run around and slash at their weak spot.

Malgyorg  -

Miniblin  - Miniblins are some of the most common enemies in recent Zelda titles, and this is no different in Spirit Tracks. Miniblins are rather weak and take just two sword swipes to defeat. They often are found in groups, in which if Link defeats all of them, rupees are Link's reward.

Mounted Miniblin
Mounted Miniblin  - Miniblins can also be found working together with statues. Miniblins will stand on top of statues, which is an area that Link cannot reach on his own. However, when Link is standing on top of the phantom's shield, Link will be able to strike these higher miniblins.

Moink  - Moinks are a wild overworld enemy that can be hazardous to the Train as they seem to be fond of the tracks. Shooting them with the cannon will make them aggressive, but just using the whistle is an easy enough method to get them out of the way.

Moldola  -

Mothula  - Mothula will seems to inhale some sort of power or air, and then releases an attack towards Link. Mothula releases a bubble that is thrown towards Link. Link can use his whirlwind to launch the bubble back towards Mothula to stun him. A few swipes with your sword will take him down then.

 - The creature has arms that somewhat resemble wings, which could signify that the enemy could float or fly around. It bares a slight resemblance to an eye brute from Phantom Hourglass, mainly because of its single eye. The body of the enemy has a slight resemblance of Blaaz, the boss of the Temple of Fire in Phantom Hourglass.

Nocturn  - This Nocturn can be seen floating around in dark areas of the second dungeon of the game. Only the shadow of the Nocturn can be seen when it is dark and it will hover around. Link must light up nearby torches and this will make the Nocturn visible.

Ocean Octorok
Ocean Octorok  - Ocean Octoroks will appear underwater and will shoot ink at your train making you much slower and will make the map dissappear. Rub it off to remove both of the effects. Otherwise, they aren't much trouble, besides the ammount of hits they take to kill. They commonly drop 20 rupees.

Octive  - This enemy resembles a seal and can be found in water areas of the second dungeon of the game. Link can use his boomerang to stun these enemies. He can create a path of ice using his boomerang and a flame of ice in order to reach these seal like enemies. One sword strike will defeat a seal, but be careful not to full into the water.

 - Octive resemble water octoroks from previous Zelda games and also share common attributes with Water Toadpoli from Twilight Princess. They will pop up from under water and will shoot rocks out of their mouth in the direction of Link.

Octorok  - Octoroks make their return in Spirit Tracks and seem to be identical to their Phantom Hourglass counterparts. They walk around on the ground and will shoot rocks out towards Link. Rocks can be deflected while using Link's shield. Octoroks take two swipes with Link's sword to defeat.

Phantom  - Phantoms retain their strength and appearance as the standard phantoms found in Phantom Hourglass. Their massive sword will deal quite the damage to Link if it is able to contact him.

 - While in Phantom Hourglass, Link needed to aquire the Phantom Sword before being able to defeat Phantoms, it appears that in Spirit Tracks, Link is able to battle with Phantoms right from the start. Their back sides appear to be where they are most vulnerable.

 - After defeating a Phantom, the spirit of Princess Zelda has the ability to take control of the phantom and work alongside Link as they quest through the rest of the dungeon.

Phantom (Torch)
FieryPhantom  - This Phantom is the same in every way to the normal Phantom, however they carry a flaming sword to provide light. Upon gathering all of the tears of light, Princess Zelda can use this ability to help solve puzzles within the Tower.

Phantom (Warp)
WarpPhantom  - .

Phantom (Wrecker)
WreckerPhantom  - .

Phantom Eye
Phantom Eye  -

Rat  - These pesky creatures are usually found in caves and in dungeons that have small holes. They will run in and out of holes and often times have small keys dangling from their tales. Often times there are puzzles in which needs to push a block in front of a hole, to prevent the rat from entering or exiting a cave.

 - When the spirit of Princess Zelda takes control of a Phantom, she will still be afraid of these pesky rats. If a rat runs nearby the phantom, the phantom will stop in its place and will not move until the rat runs away or Link defeats the rat.

Gohma  - This massive rock creature is found when Link rides his train into certain tunnels. It appears similar to a gohma from previous Zelda games in that it crawls around the walls and has a large vulnerable eye. It is unclear whether or not gohma is an overworld boss, much like a few enemies found within Phantom Hourglass. Instead, it seems that gohma appears in specific caves of the overworld.

 - It attacks if Link fails to stun it before it gets close, then jumps on Link's Train, however, if Link hits it with the cannon enough, this can be avoided, causing it to become stunned temporarily. Repeatedly hitting and stunning it will result in its death.

Sir Frosty
Skulltula  - Sir Frosty's are found in the Snow Realm as overworld enemies trying to destroy Link's train. They attack by decapitating themselves and throwing their heads at the train. The head can be shot with the cannon to be avoided. If the snowman has its head on, it will take two hits to kill, but only one with out it.

Skulltula  - Skulltula's can be seen while Link is riding in his locomotive. They will lower their web down so they are right in front of Link's train. These skulltulas can be easily defeat with a simple cannonball from Link's train.

 - Skulltula's are likely to appear in a similar role as they did in Phantom Hourglass where they are hanging from the ceiling within dungeons.

Snapper  - Snappers wield a whip that makes close combat nearly impossible. If they have you in their grasp, wait until they crack you towards them, then swing or use a spin attack. Otherwise, just use the boomerang to stun it from behind, or a long ranged weapon.

Snurglar  -

Skulltula  - Snurgles are enemies that can only be found while riding the Train. They attack by ramming themselves into the train, then they run off. They can easily be avoided by using the train's whistle to scare it off, or can be killed with the train's cannon.

Spinut (Yellow)
Yellow Spinut  - At first glance this new creature resembles a Yellow Chu, however, a closer look at it shows that it is its own distinctive enemy. It walks on two legs and has a dog faced head. Link can launch the whirlwind at it and it will stun the Yellow Spinut. Link then finishes off the spinut with a sword swipe.

 - When the creature first sees Link, it will jump up, and start running towards Link. Simple sword slashes will defeat them, and they seem to often times leave recovery hearts as a reward for defeating them.

Spinut (Green)
Yellow Spinut  - Green Spinuts are the exact same as their Yellow relatives in behavior, but they are stronger as they take more hits to defeat. They aren't much more of a threat, however.

Stalfos  -

Stalfos Warrior
Stalfos Warrior  -

Tanks  -

Gohma Larva  - Much smaller versions of gohma can be found crawling along the walls in certain tunnels of the overworld. These creatures resemble that of tektites from Phantom Hourglass but there color and placement in tunnels could mean that they are a mini variation of the gohma.

 - Link can use his cannon to defeat the gohma larva.

Vengas  - Vengas are enemies that are easily defeated, but upon defeat, they leave behind purple poisonous smoke. This can easily be blown away with Link's Whirlwind, or for the most part, avoided.

White Wolfos
White Wolfos  - White Wolfos are wolves that are usually found in snow covered areas. They appear from underground and will dash towards Link. White Wolfos take a hit and run approach to fighting Link. Often times striking at him and then burrowing himself underneath the snow before Link can attack.

 - Sword strikes are the most effective way in defeating these snow based creatures.