LEGO has dashed the hopes of Zelda fans multiple times. A Breath of the Wild set from its community-based voting platform, LEGO Ideas, made it to the review stage but unfortunately, it never became a reality. In fact, LEGO stopped accepting Zelda submissions in 2022 because of licensing conflicts. 

Because LEGO has yet to address the supposedly leaked Deku Tree set, fans have resorted to drafting MOCs (My Own Creations) of their dream Zelda sets. Content creator and LEGO fan JP Arts took matters into their hands by designing several homemade Tears of the Kingdom sets. JP Arts estimated retail prices for them based on piece count and complexity.

The first order of business is a custom Link Minifig, which has multiple outfits — the iconic Champion’s Leathers and the Archaic gear. Then, JP Arts led the series with a “Great Sky Islands” design, which would take approximately 599 pieces and $60 USD to assemble. It features a few Constructs, building materials, Zonai Devices, and the quintessential floating island and waterfall.

The next one is “Exploring Hyrule Fields”, which is only 179 pieces. If this were on shelves, it would likely cost around $15 USD. The set contains two of our favorite monsters, a #Red Bokoblin and a Blue Chuchu. Link and his horse can grab wood planks and other materials at the depot to make a carriage.

“Lookout Landing” is third, at 351 pieces and $25 USD. It includes Minifigs of Purah, Mubs, and a soldier. The set has the main gate, a miniature version of the shop, and a small training area with a dummy. The for-sale armor set and produce is a charming detail. 

It wouldn’t be a full Tears set without a nod to the Depths. “Investigating the Depths” is around 430 pieces and $30 USD. Its highlights are a towering red Moblin, a Little Frox, and one of the spooky yet colorful trees next to a puddle of Gloom. The tiny floating Poes are a nice touch.

JP Arts mentions this next set, “Korok Forest Invaded,” is their favorite. The Korok Minifigs are so adorable next to the eerily angular Gloom Hands. You can’t fully experience this setup without having an awesome Phantom Ganon Minifig. It would be around $20 USD with 304 pieces.

The pièce de résistance is the “Skyview Tower” model at 1,454 pieces and $120 USD. This intricate design contains all the bells and whistles of its namesake, with a Keese, Blue Bokoblin, and Green Lizalfos to guard it. The imagined blueprint would have a mechanism to shoot Link through the top hatch.

JP Arts creates other LEGO and art content. Some include designing Kirby and the Forgotten Land LEGO and drawing the final dive scene in Tears of the Kingdom. Support their YouTube channel with a like, comment, and subscribe!

Which of these sets would you have the most fun building and playing with? If official Zelda LEGO sets ever get made, what do you hope LEGO includes? Share your compliments on JP Arts’ creativity in the comments below!

Source: JP Arts

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