I’m one of those people that love to stream game music while working at the computer. Tunes from video games help to motivate my creative juices while remaining mostly unobtrusive as they bleed into the background. And while a frantic battle theme or punchy boss theme may come through my speakers sometimes, I tend to enjoy the more subdued tracks while I work. For the Zelda fans that, like me, enjoy a chill soundtrack for their day-to-day life, a recent fan album titled Zelda & Chill is here to meet your needs.

Released back in September, Zelda & Chill combines lofi hip hop beats with some of the Zelda series’ most recognizable tunes. Produced by German beat maker Mikel, mastered by the prolific Dj CUTMAN, and published by label GameChops, this album recreates music from across the series — from The Legend of Zelda to Breath of the Wild — using keyboards, synthesizers, and laid-back beats. As the album’s official description states, Zelda & Chill is “the perfect soundtrack to study, chill, and save Hyrule to”.

Zelda & Chill features 14 tracks, spanning the entire Zelda catalogue of music. A few standout tracks to me include “Fairy’s Fountain,” “Song of Storms,” and “Hateno Village”.

You can listen to Zelda & Chill on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, and BandCamp. The album is available digitally for approximately $10 USD, and it’s also available on CD for $15 USD and vinyl for $25 USD from BandCamp right here.

What do you think of Zelda & Chill? Will you be relaxing, working, or studying to this collection of chill tracks? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: GameChops

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