Whether you find yourself working, studying, or just trying to relax, there are songs from the Zelda series for every occasion. Musically inclined fans have covered Zelda music to such an extent that you can more than likely find your favorite Zelda tune in your favorite genre, whether it be rock or classical, jazz or blues, really anything your heart fancies.

UK-based musician Lucas Cooper recently released Storm of Songs, an entire album consisting of relaxing piano covers of Zelda songs. The album pays tribute to a variety of Zelda games by including songs from The Legend of ZeldaOcarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, The Wind Waker, and Breath of the Wild.

The album is available for free on Spotify and Apple Music and available for purchase in the iTunes Store. Be sure to keep up with Lucas Cooper by following his Twitter.

What do you think? Which song from the album is your favorite? Do you have a favorite genre? Let us know in the comments below!

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