Earlier this year, we published an article highlighting a video that discussed the framework of Ocarina of Time as a viable Dungeons & Dragons campaign. It got me thinking: What other Zelda games would work best in tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) format?

According to comic book news outlet CBR, these are the ten elements that make up a successful D&D campaign:

  1. An engaging hook
  2. Backstories of the characters
  3. A conflict or goal that drives the story
  4. A compelling villain
  5. An explorable world
  6. Access to fast travel (mounts, vehicles, warp points)
  7. A home base
  8. Individualized dynamic stories for the characters
  9. Surprising twists
  10. An established ending

Through my research for this article, I found several resources for facilitating a Breath of the Wild TTRPG campaign (A Google Drive document and a PDF on GM Binder). Part of what makes this game great for this format is that it actually lacks a lot of the elements listed above, such as a surprising twist, a home base, and a compelling villain. As a game master, I can appreciate a campaign that gives me something to work with, providing with the creative challenges that allow more homebrewing on my part. Here’s my list of three games (other than the two mentioned so far) that I would love to run or play in as a TTRPG:

  1. Twilight Princess: The winding engagement from start to finish with characters like Ilia, the tavern in Hyrule Castle Town, and the ability to wild shape into a wolf? Sounds almost perfect. This game checks off every single one of the elements listed above.
  2. Skyward Sword: The dense story, strong drive towards a final goal, and a bustling home base in Skyloft, this game would also push the boundaries on travel mechanics in traditional TTRPGs.
  3. Oracle of Seasons: Link takes the form as an Eladrin elf, able to change themselves into different seasons. The ever-evolving landscape, unique companions, and drive to keep the world from chaos could make this an engaging and unique campaign.

Truly, just about any Zelda title could, with the right tweaks and adjustments, be an exciting TTRPG game. Thankfully, we have lots of creative minds in our community who do the hard work to make this a reality for us. As a blossoming game master, I look forward to running my own Zelda campaign someday!

What about you? What Zelda game would you want to see as a TTRPG? Roll a persuasion check in the comments!

Feature art by Johanna T

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