Gossip Stones have appeared in The Legend of Zelda series since the release of Ocarina of Time and have subsequently appeared in Majora’s Mask, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword since then.

The Gossip Stone is a mysterious stone which is usually associated with the Sheikah tribe due to the emblem which is engraved into it.  Link can take advantage of the information, secrets and gossip that the Stone will relay to him, which can ultimately help him throughout his adventures.

One game, however, does not feature the Gossip Stone, and that is Breath of The Wild.  With the mystery that surrounds the finer details in regards to Calamity Ganon, his past and his eventual return, the Gossip Stone would have been a very interesting feature to include in the game.  If the Sheikah tribe do, in fact, have a connection with the Stones, it would have made sense for them imbue each Gossip Stone with information for the Champion to discover, thus building a bigger picture for Zelda fans to celebrate.

I think Gossip Stones could have given information on what happened at individual locations in Hyrule.  Did the Yiga Clan invade the villages and settlements that we see ruined around the land and would the Sheikah Stone stand in remembrance for the fallen victims?  Was there a bloody battle in Hyrule Field, and one Sheikah warrior had time to leave his story behind as a testimony to his brave fellows?  Was Lon Lon Ranch overrun by monsters and were there any survivors?  And did the King of Hyrule leave any record of what happened just before the Great Calamity took full hold of Hyrule Castle?  Perhaps in this era, the Sheikah Slate would have been the key to accessing these secret messages within the Stones.

Do you think Gossip Stones would have been a great feature in Breath of the Wild? Let us know in the comments below!

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