Hey there guys! Got a new mailbag for you! Sorry for the delay again. I actually got sick. Either way, it’s here now. This mailbag covers a wide array of topics over 12 questions, including a few familiar topics like voice-acting, difficulty, and Twilight Princess. I’m going to start having a very specific question I ask you guys to give your answers to in particular every episode… or rather just making it more official. Enjoy! You can watch the video here or check out the embed after the jump.

Questions and timestamps:

(00:30) – What are your top 5 Zelda games?
(01:37) – What was the most disappointing game and final battle in the series for you?
(02:31) – Will there be any new Zelda games for the 3DS?
(02:48) – Why are eyes such a recurring weak point?
(03:45) – Do you prefer long dungeons or short ones?
(04:51) – I think Zelda’s singing in Skyward Sword is in the Hylian language. What do you think of Nintendo having voice-acting in this language?
(05:53) – Do you think the next Zelda game should have more areas to explore?
(06:41) – Do you think they should, or will, bring Epona back in upcoming games?
(07:47) – Did you feel that items like the Spinner, Ball & Chain, and Dominion Rod in Twilight Princess were used too little outside their dungeons?
(08:32) – Did the amount of damage enemies did in Skyward Sword cause problems for you?
(09:10) – Who do you think would win in a fight: Demise or Ganondorf?
(10:11) – Do you think future Zelda games should let you choose difficulty settings?

Be sure to submit your name/username and questions to our contact page, or if that page doesn’t work then email them to [email protected] for next week’s mailbag! You can also use my Twitter or Facebook, or use the Mailbag Thread on the forums!

Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? Include them with your question and you might guarantee it gets answered! How about your thoughts about the questions? Which Zelda game was the most disappointing for you? Tell me your thoughts on that and any other questions you want in the comments!

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