Video games are the ultimate immersive experience, combining visuals, sounds, and player control in a way that other types of media fall short. Zelda games are no exception, immersing players into the magical world of Hyrule and other surrounding lands into order to navigate the miracle of a hero coming to save the day. Music is a huge part of this dynamic, as it is always tailored to the current situation, whether you are triumphantly storming Hyrule Castle or relaxing in a fairy fountain.

A recent fan album, named after a well-known boss in Ocarina of Time, pulls us right back to specific moments in Zelda history while translating them into a style of music reminiscent of the songs in the rhythm-based game Cadence of Hyrule. DODONGO, by musician Louie Zong, features songs from all sorts of Zelda games across the thirty-five years of the franchise, from “Sheik’s Theme” from Ocarina of Time to “Sandship” from Skyward Sword. The album even features some hidden, under-appreciated gems of Zelda music, such as “Dark Hyrule Castle” from The Minish Cap and “Linebeck’s Theme” from Phantom Hourglass.

You can access the album on YouTubeBandcamp, and Spotify, and you can support Louie Zong further by following him on Twitter and checking out his website!

What do you think? Is there a song you would like to hear in this style? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Louie Zong

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