Hello everyone! Welcome back after a week’s break to Artists of Legend! Two weeks ago, we asked you if we should change the frequency of the Artists of Legend posts and challenges. After looking at the vote results and the staff discussing it, we’ve decided to make a minor change to how this series will work. Instead of having only a week to work on artwork for our challenges, you’ll now have two weeks! We’ll still have a new challenge every week, but now we’ll share the submissions for each challenge two weeks after the original prompt was shared. We hope you enjoy this change and continue enjoying Artists of Legend!

Last Time’s Challenge

Two weeks ago, we asked you to create art of Ravio training to get stronger and have more courage. The artist who submitted his work mentioned that he was a bit shy to share it, so I suppose he gained some courage too!

By Aittla Terumi on the Facebook Post:

I wanted to take a moment and say that I really appreciate this art style, as there’s something very charming about it. Well done!

This Week’s Challenge

After taking far too long to do so, I finally beat Ocarina of Time for the very first time quite recently. As such, I thought this next challenge might be enjoyable to you. This week, we’d like you to create artwork of your favorite sage or sages, if you’d like to do more than one. From the classic sages from Ocarina of Time to the ghostly figures in Twilight Princess, and even the Champions in Breath of the Wild if you choose to count them, The Legend of Zelda series has no lack of important characters with this special title. And this time around, we’d like you to create art of any of them! Remember, you now have two weeks to create and submit your artwork. We hope the extra time is more convenient for you!

Here are the rules for the contest:

  • Keep things clean. Zelda Dungeon-Informer should be safe for all ages, so don’t go creating foul images or anything NSFW.
  • Stick to the main idea, but feel free to be creative with it. If you want to draw a specific scene from one of the games, go ahead; if you want to come up with something similar to a scene from one of the games with a twist on it, that’s great too.
  • Any form of art is acceptable as long as it somehow displays the mentioned scene. You can draw with a pencil and paper, paint on a canvas, make pixel art on a computer, weave, carve, create the scene with Zelda figurines, even do metal work if that’s your thing. Go crazy!
  • While you can submit your work in the comment section, the preferred methods are putting you work in the comment section here on Zelda Dungeon, or Tweeting or posting on Instagram with #artistsoflegend. It makes it easier for me to find the art when you submit it.
  • Do not steal art from someone else. I will be checking every submission I receive.
  • Do not insult other people’s art. Peaceful critiques and thoughts are one thing; direct insults are another.
  • There’s no pressure, so just have fun!

I look forward to seeing what you guys create this time, and I’ll see you all next week!


Cover by adchv09 on DeviantArt 
Adam is an original content editor for Zelda Informer; He likes sipping tea; He’s currently considering writing a Legend of Zelda fan fiction; Follow him on Twitter


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